I just want to cry

16 Apr

Sorry it has been a very rough day with my daughter.  It does not help that I had to drag her out of bed, get her dressed, and breakfast earlier than she would have liked.  I had to pick up my mother and then take her to a Drs. appointment.  There was a lot of yelling and screaming and crying.  Boy do I dread the day when she has to start school really thinking about homeschooling her.  Just not sure what we will do.  


Later when we got home my daughter insisted that we go and take a walk even though I was in the middle of working and trying to play catch up from being gone most of the day Monday.  So I told her to go outside and play.  Things were going well until she found an egg in our neighbors yard.  Not sure if it is from a nest or not but, told her to put it back.  She of course refused.  So I had her show me where she found it.  I put the egg back and hope that if it is a viable egg that the parents wont be too upset because it has been handled.  

I went back inside and turned around and saw my daughter throw the egg.  I opened the door and told her that was NOT ok to do.  She then called me a “B***h”  and has hit me as well so I promptly picked her up and told her she can no longer go outside.  I really was hoping that she was done with this and also really hoping she would not be calling me this until she was a teenager at the very earliest. I might be able to handle it better but, it still hurts soo much.  

So far other than the yelling I have not managed to kill her or hurt her so I consider that a win on my temper being absolutely lost and really rather mad at what I have been called.  I have managed to control my temper as best as I can considering the absolute teeth pulling I have had to deal with.  


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