More Monty Python skit and other news

13 Apr

On Thursday we had a lot of rain and now have cooler temperatures so I guess in keeping with our Monty Python skit we have now skipped from summer straight back into spring with a possible dip back into winter.  Ah spring ya gotta love the interesting weather. 

Friday is one of my chore days where I usually do a quick vacuum this helps cut down on dust mites and just dust and dandruff in general.  If you suffer from allergies this helps out a lot.  Plus I cleaned out Noels area along with her litter box and she is now sitting pretty in her clean cage with shredded paper (something she prefers it gives her paper to eat and play in) and fresh litter.  So nice having a somewhat clean home.  

I also swept the kitchen floor which really has to be done especially with a 4 year old dropping choice pieces of food on the floor.  I cleaned the toilets and sinks in both bathrooms.  

Today was a great day.  I finally got rid of my old computer tower.  Some gentleman recycles them and assured me that he would take a hammer and smash my hard drive to smithereens.  He advertised on our local cheap cycle network and it saves me from having to wait forever for my husband to actually remove said hard drive and then finally get it off to our electronic recycling center.  Yeah I am paranoid not that i have anything necessarily wrong or bad on my computer but, it is nice just in case I am wrong to know that it will be destroyed.  

Image This is what my husband gave to me for a late Easter gift.  He gave it to me this past weekend.  Actually my mother in law saw it and told my husband that he should get it, that it looks a lot like Noel and she is right. I thought it was really sweet. 

Just wanted to share with you a very cool website  the one they did of Adam vs. Eve is absolutely hilarious and there are some days were I almost feel that I am married to Adam or at least some of what Eve raps about is absolutely true.  Just play one or play them all and enjoy of course I like the one of Gandhi vs. Dr. King. 

Friday we also finally got our taxes done so glad that hassle is over and done with.  We do not owe and should be getting a small refund but, whether you owe or not it is just great to get it done and over with.  

Next week I will discuss shaving or at least what I use.  


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