Good day to Great Day

12 Apr



Wednesday I had a fantastic day.  The weather was really warm so lots of time outside.


I got my grocery shopping done which was very nice before it got too hot.


My daughter and I finally got to spend some time with some friends we have not seen in a while and spent time outside with them.  My friends little boy is not so little now. The last time we saw them he was still working on the whole walking thing.  Now he is not only walking but, also running as well.  He really is a cute and will be a heart breaker as well.  We had such a blast walking around and talking.  The girls had fun walking and playing.  It was a blast.





My fellow blogger who has been and still is going through her health crises emailed me with an update on how she is doing.   She is off the IV from her surgery, able to eat solid food and is so far only needing Tylenol for the pain.  Wahhhooooooooooooo!  I am so happy about this news.  She is still waiting on results but, I know that no matter what happens she will kick this in the back side.




Another persons blog who I follow is about a 20 something traveling the world, working and also sharing her adventures with her companion canine.  So far things had been going great until she needed to get into the UK for a conference and was basically treated like a criminal and terrorist and told to try again.  Oh and by the way she would be flagged for the next 5 to 10 years if she wants to get into the UK if she does so in the future.  What (insert explicative)!  Seriously she found kindness in complete strangers in France.  The one country that is reported to hate anyone from the US.  Guess that assumption has been thrown out the window.

I really do love it when complete strangers are kind to another fellow human being.  From letting someone into a line of traffic, another lane, lending a sympathetic ear, paying for the persons coffee in line behind you, or just sending a quick email update to let another person know how you are doing just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and makes me go awwww but, in a good way.  So today my challenge is to go forth and do one kind thing for a complete stranger it might surprise you on how good it makes you feel.











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