Holy Grail

10 Apr

The update on Noel is that she is 100% healthy and whatever issue or supposed issue of her having anemia is no more.  I guess that she just was deficient in a few essential vitamins.  So boosting up her intake of greens and her hay pellets has helped out a lot.  Whew what a relief.  Not that I was not feeding her or anything.  

Tuesday was a bit busy with taking Noel back to the vet along with wanting/needing to take my daughter to the park after what seems like eons of not being able to go.   

It seems like we are skipping spring and going straight into summer here we have gone from the low 70s to the upper 70’s and finally 80s wow do I feel like a skit straight out of Monty Python’s  Holy Grail.  

In case you remembered me telling you about sending a bunny rabbit to a fellow blogger whom I have never met.  Well her surgery was Tuesday and on Monday I sent her an email saying that I am a Reiki Master and could send her some healing energy.  I was given the go ahead to do that for her so I have yet another project to do for a bit.  This is fine and I am not upset with offering to do this for someone.  It makes me a bit happy to help because I am always happy to help people I can plus I get to practice a skill that is a bit rusty.  

My mothers birthday is coming up and even though we have never really seen eye to eye.  I feel that I should do something a bit special for her especially for such a milestone.  So I scheduled an appointment at the Salon that I got my hair done.  They are also a spa so my mom will be treated to an hour long facial.  I hope that she will like it.  I know that I would if I was on the receiving end. 


My dads birthday was Monday so since my dad is so hard to shop for and really doesnt want a lot of things I found a flower shop online in his area that would deliver him a nice bunch of plants.  I called him on his birthday and my daughter wished her grandpa a happy birthday as well.  I know it meant a lot to both of them.  

Things are going better with my newly minted 4 year old.  We had an issue Tuesday with her not wanting to get dressed and even waking up (so like her father it is scary sometimes) because I wanted her up so I could get her her breakfast and dressed so she could watch a bit of TV before we had to leave for Noels appointment.  I really think that getting outside has been helping a lot.  

If you have kids what do you do?  Do you make/let them go outside as much as possible? 




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