6 Apr


I really hate people who tell others they can’t, shouldnt, or wouldn’t.  Really if so many people believed those words then a lot of technological, and social advances that we have seen would have never happened.  Think about it all of those nay sayers would have had us maybe still in the dark ages.  Granted some of us have listened to those well-meaning people in our lives and where has that gotten some of us?  Maybe your still in that job you hate, still so far in debt that just having a dollar in your wallet makes you feel like the richest person in the world, or you are spending so much money on things you don’t really need but, want and then the car blows up and you have no savings account or emergency fund to help with softening the blow.




You see I have listened to the well-meaning perhaps nay sayers and have ended up either being too scared to pursue my dreams or not doing the job I wanted all because I was told I couldn’t do something.  Then again I am happy with my life for the most part.  Do I wish I had less to no debt you betcha.




I just wanted to have folks think about what is going on in their lives that they are either feeling overwhelmed with or are just not happy with.  It can get better you just have to not listen to the nay sayers so much.  Think about it.  If the first woman who dared to break from tradition to wear pants had decided that it was just too much to deal with the criticism and social ostracize then today we still might be in bustles and petticoats.  If you want a different example think about the attack on Pearl Harbor if the Japanese had not taken the risk to attack the US we would not have joined in the war and gotten the Allies that we used to have.  Granted a bad example perhaps.    It is all about being willing to take a risk and either enjoying the life you lead, maybe falling flat on your face but, you still have the ability to pick your self up and learn from what I call learning experiences and sometimes mistakes.  It helps you to become a better person and hopefully enjoy life more.



Thursday I set up a $5 monthly donation to   It makes me feel good that I am helping to provide to people who are not able to access it for whatever reason.  We all need water to survive, cook, clean, and bathe in.

I really hope that \by Saturday my husband can finally get his motorcycle back from the shop.  I really need the car especially on Tuesday when I have to take my sweet Noel back to the vet for more blood work and to make sure she is not anemic.








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