Ahh spring has finally arrived

5 Apr

Wednesday was more run around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Not very fun.  On the upside I got to have our car so that way I could go grocery shopping which is nice.  I tend to spend less than my husband because he is an impulse buyer to say the least.  I walked out with a bout an $85.00 receipt for one week worth of food for 3 people.  Of course getting a bunch of things for my daughters issues did help a lot. 


Thursday I have spent the day cleaning my house one room/section at a time.  It is a slow process but, at the same time it just feels right to just take it slow and do it right so that way barring disasters from one of us it should not be too bad.  Plus I have the car again and my daughter finally got to go to gradmas house.   This has not happened in forever ok not that long but, quite a long time so I finally have an afternoon to catchup, or just do whatever I want.  It is nice.  

The weather is slowly trying to warm up.  We should be in the 60’s by Friday and even warmer next week.  Ahhhh I do finally love it when spring does decide to show up.  

I am looking forward to getting my baby plants outside the sunflowers are getting so big that I really need to get them outside as soon as possible.  

Have a great weekend.  


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