3 Apr

It has been crazy and a crazy weekend.  This past weekend not only were my in laws wanting to  celebrate my daughters birthday early on Saturday so we ended up spending a good chunk of time at  my husbands parents place, we also had to deal with the huge at least to me and my daughter disappointment that my husbands particular set of wheels are still not ready yet.  So alas now that the weather is getting slowly out of the deep freeze we have been in I just want to get out and go take my daughter to the park.  I also managed to get my hair highlighted with my favorite color of purple.  You might not be able to tell but, I promise it is purple.  me   Yup my husband took this picture so I am sorry that it turned up sideways, guess he cant take a decent picture of me with my own phone lol silly man.


Sunday we had to go back to my in laws for family that came into town. On the plus side I have not had to cook at all for about 3 days so that is a plus.  Plus my 3 year old daughter started screaming in pain every time she used the bathroom.  So we were not sure if she had a bladder infection or urinary tract infection.


Monday was a scramble to get up and out the door in time for my daughters doctor appointment to see exactly what was going on.  Poor kid on her birthday no less.  She still had a good birthday I got her some clothes and her dad let her get a few things that she wanted at walmart yuck but, not much I wanted to do about it she is sick after all.  It was kept to a dull roar.  Next we went shopping for supplies to help her feel better along with a few herbal remedies that I wanted to get her to help.

Later that evening after she took a very long nap she got pizza and then we went out for ice cream and to the 1/2 price bookstore where she got a few books she had been wanting and I even found an age appropriate book of yoga for me as well.


Tuesday has been all about playing catchup on my blog, email , reading other peoples posts and just in general still feeling like I am getting caught up but, still feel behind.  One of these days.  Plus I am feeling the urge/itch to declutter some more at least at my moms house and get that done. Hard to do with no car.  Grrrr.  Oh well it will get done hopefully soon.


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