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28 Apr

Just wanted to make a comment about a friend who I can never get a hold of whenever I call.  Granted we have drifted apart in more ways than one and I am trying my best to stay in touch, but at what point do you give up?  

We text, again she is very busy and I do understand that plus it is about the only way I will get any sort of response.  The funny to me thing was that she wanted to know what I had been up to so I referred her to my blog.  Yeah a little shameless self promotion maybe but, it does help her to see what is going on with my life rather than me emailing her and never getting any response of any kind back. Could she be a better friend and maybe take some time out to call me every once in a blue moon?  Perhaps would I like her to yes of course.  

So in keeping with the theme of being so busy I am reminded of a chapter in the Tao of Pooh titled the Busy Back Soon.  You will have to read it to understand it better but, basically so many people are too busy to even stay in touch with the few friends they do have, spend quality time with X be it parents, siblings, children, spouses, or significant others.  

I did find a link of interest to me and sort of goes along the lines of this post 

You might find it interesting to read and it might inspire you to not only do a bit of spring cleaning but, also to simplify your life.  Regardless please read and enjoy. 


What is your opinion?  Should I give up on my busy back soon friend or keep trying? 

Weekend plans

27 Apr

Yesterday was Friday ah, I love Fridays it is the end of yet another long seeming week, the end hopefully of 4 year old tantrums,  time to go to the Farmers Market, run a few errands and have my daughter spend a night with her grandparents for a little peace and quiet and r&r.  Plus I can get those errands done that I cant or just do not want to do with my daughter in tow mainly because I do not want to deal with the drama or even the possible drama that might ensue. 

I always miss her when she leaves and am thrilled to see her again after one night of being gone.  

Yesterday we went to the park to spend some time outside since it will be raining most of the weekend.  Why does it always seem to rain when you finally have a few days off?   Ah well on the upside I will not have to water plants.

I also encouraged my daughter to go outside to play since I knew it would rain.  This took a bit of encouragement.  It left me free to finish up some cleaning I normally do.  

What are your weekend plans?  

If you have not seen Hotel Transylvania I actually like this one and feel that it is a bit better and a bit more appropriate for a 4 year old to see rather than Wreck it Ralph.  Of course not for children who are scared of monsters or other Halloween images.  

Take your Daughter to Work Day

26 Apr

Yesterday my daughter got to go to work with her father for a half day she got her own id badge and a fake flower lei along with a few origami figures one of a crane and the other of pica choo really cute.  My husband had middle and upper management wander by his work area.  Unless they did not know that yesterday was take your daughter to work.

My daughter also managed to break a printer.  Not a problem since my husbands job is to test printers for a national company.


I am glad that our daughter gets to have this chance.  I was never able to go to my father’s work because I would have needed a security clearance to be able to get in.  So while most kids in my school got to go to where their dads worked I was never able to and always was in school.  Ah well.


Sometimes it is better/easier to do something and ask for forgiveness later than it is to ask for permission.

What would you do if say you won the lottery and money was not a question anymore?

For me I would give some to friends, and family.  I would also travel and take my husband and daughter with me.  I would most assuredly FIRE my current health insurance providers and get the absolute best I could find.  Pay off all of my debt and buy a small bit of land to put a small aka under  900 sq.ft. house.  That is about all I would do.   The rest I would save and make donations to a few charities as well.

As promised shaving

24 Apr

Sorry for the delay ah well life happens and sometimes the shitake hits the fan.

This is what I use for shaving shaving head and this is its full size here

shaver this is what a blade looks like blade of course you will note the naked blade without the safety strips or cartridge.   I promise you that once you try shaving with one it will be the smoothest shave you have ever had. Of course you have to be careful even if the blade is dull when you change the old for a new blade and of course to safely dispose of the old blade.  Just grab either ends to change and never in the middle unless you want to be sliced.

These are my legs before I shaved hairy and scary and a close up hairy and scary closeup as you can see I wanted to grow out my hair so it would be a good comparison with how good the shaver works.  As you can see my legs are very hairy and scary.

You will want to work up a good lather with some soap or shaving cream and a brush as shown here soap in shaving mug this is the before and good lather after.  Now to show the before and after of your shaving brush shaving brush  lather on shaving brush

Now for the final product my legs after I shaved.

after full legs and a close up after my legs are a lot smoother and very little stubble.  The final thing you will want to use after you shave is an alum block or deodorant stone without the sweet smells.  This helps with razor burn, and any possible nicks or small cuts you might have.

This is what that looks like alum block.  After you make the big purchase of the shaver which will cost you less than $20 ordered through Amazon you can then buy a sample pack of blades  also ordered through Amazon (I am sure there are other sites to order these from) to see which ones work the best for you and  100 blades will cost you less than a 4 or 5 pack of your “safety” blades or cartridges.  The alum block is pretty cheap as well.  You can always use a spare mug collecting dust that you have or will never use.  The brush while not vegan friendly is environmentally friendly since it is one my husband does not prefer when he shaves.

This for me is the most economical, environmentally friendly way (less waste in both packaging and throwing away) to shave that I have found for myself.  Even guys can save a lot of money as well.

There are quite a few shaving videos on Youtube that you can find along with even shaving forums.  So go forth and explore and see what works best for you.

If you hate going back to the store only to discover that the shaver that you have no longer has cartridges available for you so you now have the extra added expense of finding a whole new shaver and cartridges aka blades.  It is very frustrating.  This system is probably for you.  If this even reminds you of what your grandfather or even dad may have used then you would be correct it is a bit antiquated but, also more economical.

Earth Day

23 Apr

  This is what I did for Earth Day in celebration.  First I recycled an old printer of course that depends on who you ask on whether it actually gets recycled or just shipped off to some third world country to use kids to get any and all spare parts, metals, etc off of it that is of any value.  Sorry bit snippy today.  


I also took my daughter to the park and she had a lot of fun.  


Then when we got home she helped me dig holes after I cleaned out this area a bit so we could plant these sunflowers.  

\Imagethen we planted these flowers.  The bright red is a marigold which are great at pest control and the other is a pansy.  Now whomever decided to call these particular plants pansies was really strange.  I have seen them still green and with flowers after frost, and having about 3 feet of snow on them so in my opinion not pansy at all very tough.  

Image  I hope that you were able to do something good for the Earth even if it was just to hug a tree.  I really hope that we no longer have any more frost other wise most of these plants will most likely die….ah well nature at its best.  



The saga continues

19 Apr

Remember when I said that my health insurance issue was solved…..well boy was I wrong. 

It is still ongoing and now instead of annoyed I am “upset” bordering on really pissed off. 

The scoop is that I got another bill from my new Dr. in April so I called my new insurance company to find out what was going on they said that they have not received my medical records and are therefore still denying me care because they want to see if I have any preexisting conditions.  Well at least there was a bit of progress this time I actually got the left hand to talk to the right hand and vice versa wahooo.  So my medical records were supposedly sent March 21 which means that if you look at your calendars that the insurance company should have gotten them by this time unless mail is now being delivered by snail, turtle, or on the slow boat to China to make its way back to the US.  GRRRR.  I did actually get a “courtesy call” back from my new insurance company which is a miracle in and of itself since I was told before that “they dont do that” .  

So now I will be calling EVERY day the medical records people to make sure they have been sent not once but, now twice because my new Dr. (whom I am positive I signed a med release so they could get my medical records way back in November) needs my medical records as well.  So I will either now be there new best friend or their worst enemy.  Then when they tell me that they have sent my medical records to both my new Dr. and my new insurance people I will be calling them EVERY DAY to make sure they have gotten them.  


Do I have better things to do with my life?  YES YES I do.  Do I feel that I have a choice in not calling these idiots oops I mean lovely institutions EVERY FARGING DAY?  No I do not unfortunately.  


I promise to hopefully do my post next week regarding shaving.  

I just want to cry

16 Apr

Sorry it has been a very rough day with my daughter.  It does not help that I had to drag her out of bed, get her dressed, and breakfast earlier than she would have liked.  I had to pick up my mother and then take her to a Drs. appointment.  There was a lot of yelling and screaming and crying.  Boy do I dread the day when she has to start school really thinking about homeschooling her.  Just not sure what we will do.  


Later when we got home my daughter insisted that we go and take a walk even though I was in the middle of working and trying to play catch up from being gone most of the day Monday.  So I told her to go outside and play.  Things were going well until she found an egg in our neighbors yard.  Not sure if it is from a nest or not but, told her to put it back.  She of course refused.  So I had her show me where she found it.  I put the egg back and hope that if it is a viable egg that the parents wont be too upset because it has been handled.  

I went back inside and turned around and saw my daughter throw the egg.  I opened the door and told her that was NOT ok to do.  She then called me a “B***h”  and has hit me as well so I promptly picked her up and told her she can no longer go outside.  I really was hoping that she was done with this and also really hoping she would not be calling me this until she was a teenager at the very earliest. I might be able to handle it better but, it still hurts soo much.  

So far other than the yelling I have not managed to kill her or hurt her so I consider that a win on my temper being absolutely lost and really rather mad at what I have been called.  I have managed to control my temper as best as I can considering the absolute teeth pulling I have had to deal with.  

More Monty Python skit and other news

13 Apr

On Thursday we had a lot of rain and now have cooler temperatures so I guess in keeping with our Monty Python skit we have now skipped from summer straight back into spring with a possible dip back into winter.  Ah spring ya gotta love the interesting weather. 

Friday is one of my chore days where I usually do a quick vacuum this helps cut down on dust mites and just dust and dandruff in general.  If you suffer from allergies this helps out a lot.  Plus I cleaned out Noels area along with her litter box and she is now sitting pretty in her clean cage with shredded paper (something she prefers it gives her paper to eat and play in) and fresh litter.  So nice having a somewhat clean home.  

I also swept the kitchen floor which really has to be done especially with a 4 year old dropping choice pieces of food on the floor.  I cleaned the toilets and sinks in both bathrooms.  

Today was a great day.  I finally got rid of my old computer tower.  Some gentleman recycles them and assured me that he would take a hammer and smash my hard drive to smithereens.  He advertised on our local cheap cycle network and it saves me from having to wait forever for my husband to actually remove said hard drive and then finally get it off to our electronic recycling center.  Yeah I am paranoid not that i have anything necessarily wrong or bad on my computer but, it is nice just in case I am wrong to know that it will be destroyed.  

Image This is what my husband gave to me for a late Easter gift.  He gave it to me this past weekend.  Actually my mother in law saw it and told my husband that he should get it, that it looks a lot like Noel and she is right. I thought it was really sweet. 

Just wanted to share with you a very cool website  the one they did of Adam vs. Eve is absolutely hilarious and there are some days were I almost feel that I am married to Adam or at least some of what Eve raps about is absolutely true.  Just play one or play them all and enjoy of course I like the one of Gandhi vs. Dr. King. 

Friday we also finally got our taxes done so glad that hassle is over and done with.  We do not owe and should be getting a small refund but, whether you owe or not it is just great to get it done and over with.  

Next week I will discuss shaving or at least what I use.  

Good day to Great Day

12 Apr



Wednesday I had a fantastic day.  The weather was really warm so lots of time outside.


I got my grocery shopping done which was very nice before it got too hot.


My daughter and I finally got to spend some time with some friends we have not seen in a while and spent time outside with them.  My friends little boy is not so little now. The last time we saw them he was still working on the whole walking thing.  Now he is not only walking but, also running as well.  He really is a cute and will be a heart breaker as well.  We had such a blast walking around and talking.  The girls had fun walking and playing.  It was a blast.





My fellow blogger who has been and still is going through her health crises emailed me with an update on how she is doing.   She is off the IV from her surgery, able to eat solid food and is so far only needing Tylenol for the pain.  Wahhhooooooooooooo!  I am so happy about this news.  She is still waiting on results but, I know that no matter what happens she will kick this in the back side.




Another persons blog who I follow is about a 20 something traveling the world, working and also sharing her adventures with her companion canine.  So far things had been going great until she needed to get into the UK for a conference and was basically treated like a criminal and terrorist and told to try again.  Oh and by the way she would be flagged for the next 5 to 10 years if she wants to get into the UK if she does so in the future.  What (insert explicative)!  Seriously she found kindness in complete strangers in France.  The one country that is reported to hate anyone from the US.  Guess that assumption has been thrown out the window.

I really do love it when complete strangers are kind to another fellow human being.  From letting someone into a line of traffic, another lane, lending a sympathetic ear, paying for the persons coffee in line behind you, or just sending a quick email update to let another person know how you are doing just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and makes me go awwww but, in a good way.  So today my challenge is to go forth and do one kind thing for a complete stranger it might surprise you on how good it makes you feel.










Holy Grail

10 Apr

The update on Noel is that she is 100% healthy and whatever issue or supposed issue of her having anemia is no more.  I guess that she just was deficient in a few essential vitamins.  So boosting up her intake of greens and her hay pellets has helped out a lot.  Whew what a relief.  Not that I was not feeding her or anything.  

Tuesday was a bit busy with taking Noel back to the vet along with wanting/needing to take my daughter to the park after what seems like eons of not being able to go.   

It seems like we are skipping spring and going straight into summer here we have gone from the low 70s to the upper 70’s and finally 80s wow do I feel like a skit straight out of Monty Python’s  Holy Grail.  

In case you remembered me telling you about sending a bunny rabbit to a fellow blogger whom I have never met.  Well her surgery was Tuesday and on Monday I sent her an email saying that I am a Reiki Master and could send her some healing energy.  I was given the go ahead to do that for her so I have yet another project to do for a bit.  This is fine and I am not upset with offering to do this for someone.  It makes me a bit happy to help because I am always happy to help people I can plus I get to practice a skill that is a bit rusty.  

My mothers birthday is coming up and even though we have never really seen eye to eye.  I feel that I should do something a bit special for her especially for such a milestone.  So I scheduled an appointment at the Salon that I got my hair done.  They are also a spa so my mom will be treated to an hour long facial.  I hope that she will like it.  I know that I would if I was on the receiving end. 


My dads birthday was Monday so since my dad is so hard to shop for and really doesnt want a lot of things I found a flower shop online in his area that would deliver him a nice bunch of plants.  I called him on his birthday and my daughter wished her grandpa a happy birthday as well.  I know it meant a lot to both of them.  

Things are going better with my newly minted 4 year old.  We had an issue Tuesday with her not wanting to get dressed and even waking up (so like her father it is scary sometimes) because I wanted her up so I could get her her breakfast and dressed so she could watch a bit of TV before we had to leave for Noels appointment.  I really think that getting outside has been helping a lot.  

If you have kids what do you do?  Do you make/let them go outside as much as possible?