The dichotomy of spring

26 Mar

Here is a picture of what has been happening all day on Monday.

spring snow    and then next you have the green and growing things of the sunflowers that I am growing here….

sprouts  as you can see they are growing like crazy.


The other lovely bit of my Monday is that my husband went out to my car and looked at our glove box (which was hanging open and is normally locked) so he decides to shut it and just thought that the weather in its weird and wackiness caused it to pop open.  Well then he notices a slight bend in the glove compartment itself where apparently someone broke into my car (thankfully my husband left the car door unlocked because it rained and then when it snows or freezes it is almost impossible to open the doors)  I am glad he left the car door unlocked otherwise I am almost positive that we would have had a window broken out of my car.  It was rather amusing in that they did not steal anything and failed to check the trunk where they might have found some tools, jumper cables, and maybe a couple of folding chairs that we use and keep in the car for summer events.   This time I called the police who basically called me back saying that for the next 3 days they would patrol more during third shift.  Only 3 days really wow gee thanks.    Ok that came out a bit ungrateful.  I was also the only person to call something like this in the officer stated that usually this type of thing will happen about 5 times in an area.

So to reiterate there is absolutely NOTHING of value in my car worth stealing I do not have the kickin stereo or CD player.  I have a tape deck and am/fm radio.  The only thing that pissed me off is that I had a stranger rifle through my car, someone who has no right to be in my car.  Yuck makes me want to fumigate my car.   Just remember to not leave anything of value in your car whether it is parked in your driveway or not.


This weekend I got my haircut by a saloon that sells Aveda products.  They are animal friendly but, not vegan.   I will be going back this coming weekend to have highlights put in my hair.  I have not had highlights done since high school when a friend of mine Barbara Wadlinger fried my hair by leaving it in too long.  No worries it grew out so it was not that bad.  I was not upset my friend was so scared that I would be mad at her.

Back to the highlights they rank at least by EWG skin deep data base based on old data a 5 which is mildly toxic.  Then again I have not had any real products in my hair in over 10 plus years.  I am one of those wash and go kind of people or wash and if the hair is long enough put a pony tail in or whatever works.  I rarely fuss with my hair.  I am actually excited about getting highlights in my hair.  I figure that spring is all about renewal might as well add my hair to the mix as well.


How are you celebrating spring?  Are you planting? Are you doing any renewal?


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