Beauty and a buzz kill

23 Mar


smile  Yesterday or March 21 I got my flowers they are so beautiful and pretty and make me smile.  I even got the sweet little bunny too.


How does this help me simplify my life and help me to downsize?  It does not really but, it makes me happy.  I think that one stuffed bunny is not going to be a huge issue since I am currently reading  the book “Throw out Fifty Things” by Gail Blanke. This book is great because she goes from room to room and you can keep a running total of what you get rid of along with a grand total.  So since I am in the process of getting rid of 50 things I think allowing 1 or 2 new things into my house is not going to kill me.



It was great getting the flowers except my 3 year old decided that mom had no right to do something nice for herself.  She threw a temper tantrum for about a half hour. I was really angry for a few reasons having your 3 year old tell you that “she hates you and that you are the worst mom  ever!”  really does not thrill me.  Part of it was she was hungry (she had a snack earlier  but, it was very close to dinner time and I did not want her to spoil it.)  she was also tired, and probably jealous of mom actually getting some flowers.  Yup major buzz kill for me.  Plus I told my husband what happened and as usual whenever something like this happens and I tell him I do not get sympathy (which might be what I really need) I instead somehow always feel worse.


So while feeling lousy just before going to bed I decided to rub the four paws of the stuffed bunny thinking that a good end to my day would be nice. It worked!  I found a missing earring.  I do not have very many pairs of nice aka expensive earrings to wear so I looked down and happened to notice the earring caught in the carpeting.  I was very thrilled.  Still no back but, heck the least of my worries.


The new diet changes for Noel are doing wonders for her she is full of so much pep and energy.  Yesterday I took her upstairs (a bit more bunny proofed area aka not many electrical cords to chew on) she was jumping, running around and doing bunny binks lol so cute.  I think that this is what she was needing all a long a few more greens to eat.

I really hope I go a day without drama courtesy of my 3 year old daughter.  Do not get me wrong I love her but, there are times when mom could really use a break before I run screaming naked down the street.








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