Happy Spring!!

20 Mar

Happy Spring or if any luck at least for me the end of the Arctic air and cold will be a thing of the past and warm weather is just around the corner that is except for today we are expected to be in the mid to upper 40’s.  Last year we were in the 70’s or at least it was warm enough to not to have to wear a winter jacket, boots, a hat, and gloves.  Makes me want to move some where warm like Bermuda.  

Yesterday I had to take Noel to the vet for her check up.  They did the blood test and if you own a rabbit and take it to the vet just be prepared especially if yours is  between 2-5 years old.  I knew it was coming.  We got the results back and I was told my sweetie has Anemia huh?  Her skin is pink and how, why is this happening?  I checked both of my reference books that I have on Rabbits (not much to go on).  It is possible for her to develop anemia if we have a flea infestation and I check her once a month for that and dandruff so no dice there.   I did find out that it might be more dietary ok possible.  Basically she might be short on vitamins B12, C, and folic acid.  So I am deciding to boost up what greens I give her and maybe a few more pellets than I normally start her out with each day.  I will see if that helps  and hope that when she goes back in 3 weeks (yup more blood taken) that it will have improved.  Other than the fact that she might have Anemia she is in great shape and health.  She was such an angel too.  She only nipped me 3 times.  Once for taking so long in getting to the vet (had to take the hubby to work), once because heck some stranger just stuck a needle in her and then the last for being a bit of a shumuck getting her in her cage.

My finances are in such great shape this month I have splurged a bit by ordering a few gifts.  I got my daughter 2 stuffed sheep for Easter and/or spring.  Unfortunately they might not be here in time  but, that will be ok too.  I also ordered myself some flowers.  You are probably wondering why I would do that and dont I have a husband too?  I do and the reason why is because I have been doing so great with my finances and even going under my strict budget of what I can spend monthly that I  just decided something to celebrate spring would be nice. So I ordered a rose bouquet for myself.  Plus my daughter will love it as well since her name is Rose.  


I am actually loving PHP I have only been doing the exercises for a little over a week and I love it.  It is fun and sometimes a challenge.  Plus it is nice to have such a computer guru in the house to help me if I get stuck and to ask the question….Is it ok if I tweak the exercise so that I get the result they want?  To which he replied yes.



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