Chore day

16 Mar

Since my daughter is gone I actually got to play catch up not mustard lol.  I did a lot of house work that normally upsets my daughter because she hates it when I vaccum.  I understand it is rather loud but necessary since I no longer have a place with hard wood floors only.  I really miss that apartment some days.  I also swept the kitchen and swept and mopped the kitties and bunny run area.  

I was able to shred a bunch of paperwork that was needing to get done but, I do not do while my daughter is around for fear of her accidentally putting her fingers in.  

Plus I finally got to make copies of some papers that I need to send off in the mail.  Of course I will be sending it certified return receipt because I do not want to hear from these people that they never got the information they requested from me.  Plus I have proof that they got what they needed.  

Today I got a chance to spring clean my rabbits cage/area that she stays in the most.  It was nice to do and now it not only is clean but, it looks better too. 

I am trying to slowly learn PHP and MySql.  It is either that or work at Walmart or Starbucks and neither sounds very appealing so I will learn PHP etc. and hopefully be able to get a job while my daughter is in school.  I really want to get her into a Montessori school.  I really like what they do.   


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