15 Mar

It is now too quiet in my house.  My daughter has left for the next 3 days to spend time with my in laws.  It is kind of weird.  I thought I would love the silence and enjoy being able to do whatever I want and to some degree that has happened.  At the same time I am not enjoying the utter stillness and silence.  Guess you could say that I miss my daughter and she has not even been gone for a full 24 hrs.

On a more interesting note.  Spring has sprung or at least is on its way.  Today there was a total of at least 2 bunnies in our yard at a given time playing with each other or at the very least chasing each other like crazy.  It has been fun and funny to watch them chase and jump over each other.  Of course I got to see two bunnies give the equivalent of the oh s@*t look because one got chased onto my concrete slab and the other looked on in horror.  Guess they know or at least can smell that I have a beautiful bunny at home and most critters are welcome in and around my home.  Granted I do draw the line at kindness to certain snakes, and spiders and cockroaches.   Most get tossed back outside so no real harm done on my part.

Yesterday was spent running errands mainly shopping for groceries so while I did spend money it was for consumables.  I also started some flowers to attract and support bees.

Today was also busy with my husband needing to get new tires for his motorcycle.  He has been losing air and has major cracks along the side wall. Not very safe to ride on.  Today I started some sunflower seeds of different varieties. Guess my main crops will be flowers this year and maybe next year I will actually plant some veggies.

Why am I planting flowers to help bees.  Well in case you have not heard bees are disappearing  either from disease or pesticides and if that happens just think of a world where there will be no greens or fruit and we will have to eat the equivalent of gruel.  Not very fun.  I personally love all my veggies and fruits.


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