The Process

12 Mar

As I stated in a previous post I finally got to see Les Miserables on the big screen and loved, loved, loved it.  If you have not seen it yet you need to go see it.


I also got rid of a few things. A few articles of clothing that my daughter has out grown, a few toys from McDonalds happy meals that are cheap pieces of plastic that she so far has not missed and I certainly wont miss them.  They are unwelcome and unneeded especially,
since she has so many toys.  I also got rid of the diaper bag.  I will definately not be needing that again.  I tried to give it to one of my husbands coworkers but, he never mentioned or asked him if he needed it. So out it went.  I also got rid of a couple of purses.
My husband was wanting me to hang on to it in case it came in handy for something.
. If I did that for everything my husband wanted me to hang on to nothing would ever get
t out of the house . It is great to have things out of my house and I am still working on my
journey of minimizing my things. I am feeling better about this and how my life for the most
part is shaping up.


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