9 Mar

I made it barely by the skin of my teeth.  I am very glad the weekend is almost here.  I will be seeing another movie with a friend this time I finally get to see Les Mis on the big screen I am so excited.

I will hopefully be getting together with another friend this coming week along with her daughter and my daughter they are very close in age and birthdays as well.  So looking forward to spending time with friends.

Plus I will finally be getting out of the house wahoooooooooooo!  I cant wait.

My hubby needs to get new tires mounted and balanced for his motorcycle and that needs to happen this weekend or he will no longer be riding his motorcycle anywhere without the risk of serious injury.

Yesterday my daughter decided to bite me and got herself an automatic time out along with being told that you do not bite people because it is not nice.

Noel has had to have a bit of care this month.  Each month you need to clip claws, check the scent glands under chin and private area just to make sure they are clean, and flea comb for both fleas and dandruff.  You need to clip claws on your rabbit because they keep growing and do not shed like a cats claws do.   I normally do either the fronts one month and then the backs the next month.  Plus I only do one paw a day just because my rabbit really hates it and it gives us both a break.  She really hates being wrapped up in a towel.  She will also be going to the vet later this month.  Just for a check up.  You could get away with not taking your rabbit to the vet but, I just feel that it is a good idea in case they catch something I do not and plus it is only once a year.  Rabbits cannot be vaccinated like a cat or dog either just because of their weight and metabolism.  Since I do not have to pay for vaccines I do not see a problem with her going to the vet.

Have a good weekend.


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