Im Baaaccck

8 Mar

No red rooms involved here lol.  Sorry could not resist the Shining reference.

I did not go to the funeral or service so I got to stay home with my daughter for  two fun filled days.

Yesterday was not fun my daughter had a HUGE melt down.  She wanted a picture that she had made for her dad and I for a holiday present.  I told her no after she could not give me a good reason for why she wanted it so badly.  There were time outs given for 30 to 45 min.  There was a lot of screaming and crying.  After about the second hour my patience was at its end.  Also no real breaks from all the screaming and crying.  There was no one I could call for back up to come over and stay with her so I could at least go out and calm down.  I tried to leave the room but, then I got screamed at to come downstairs.  I called my mom (something I really try to avoid) for advice.  She did not have any ideas.  After the second hour I started to scream back that I wanted her to be quiet (yes it is possible for me to yell louder than a 3 year old)  .  Thirty minutes later you could have heard a pin drop in my house.  No I probably did not handle the situation very well.  Could I have handled it better perhaps.   Part of the drama was that she did not get to see dad March 6 or Wednesday.  Part of it was she wanted the dang blasted picture.


After my husband got home she told her dad that she wanted the picture at her height so she could see it better.  So what does my husband do…he puts it on a shelf for her and makes me feel that all the drama for 2 hours was for NOTHING.   Plus I had told her that she was not getting any desert after dinner well since my husband prodded her into apologizing to me she got desert again my 2 hours of hell on earth was for nothing.  Very frustrating to say the least.


What would you have done?  Picture your son or daughter screaming and crying practically non stop for 2 hours  or just imagine them as a three year old if they are older.


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