New news and old news

1 Mar

The new news is that I will be taking a break because the family member that I mentioned in a previous post has passed away as of yesterday Feb.27.  It was expected but, it still hurts so no more posts for awhile until at least after the funeral or memorial service.  We still do not know when this will be.


The old news is that BP’s trial started Tuesday Feb. 26 where they will hopefully be fined the maximum amount and then some for their part in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  Of course they are already trying to weasel their way out of paying so much and trying to cut a deal.

The other news is that a billionaire in Australia is going to build the Titanic 2 yup just saying that out loud gives me the hebbie jeebies.  I get cold chills just typing it.   Certain rich people have already offered $1 million to be the first passengers on the maiden voyage in 2016.  It looks very much like the first Titanic.  I just hope that this time around that the “poorer” people do not get locked behind a gate and cant get out if the ship encounters another iceberg and that there are enough lifeboats for Every passenger aboard.  You can read and see more here   Personally you can count me out my sixth sense is screaming at me not to go and when it tends to tell me that I better listen.


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