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Debt update

27 Mar


I got my credit card statement in the mail and do you want to guess how much I owe?    I owe a big huge fat $0.00.  WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I am really thrilled and happy.  I have been doing such a great job on either paying for things mainly gifts and ok the occasional ebook for myself.  I am so happy!  I plan on doing this ad infinitum aka forever.


So this coming month for April I only have one bill to pay and that is a student loan that I am in the process of paying off.    Plus this is great because my daughter’s birthday is in April so this way I can celebrate it even more without having to worry about paying even more debt off.  Not that she is getting too much from me.  She is getting an organic cotton t-shirt for spring and an organic cotton dress.




The dichotomy of spring

26 Mar

Here is a picture of what has been happening all day on Monday.

spring snow    and then next you have the green and growing things of the sunflowers that I am growing here….

sprouts  as you can see they are growing like crazy.


The other lovely bit of my Monday is that my husband went out to my car and looked at our glove box (which was hanging open and is normally locked) so he decides to shut it and just thought that the weather in its weird and wackiness caused it to pop open.  Well then he notices a slight bend in the glove compartment itself where apparently someone broke into my car (thankfully my husband left the car door unlocked because it rained and then when it snows or freezes it is almost impossible to open the doors)  I am glad he left the car door unlocked otherwise I am almost positive that we would have had a window broken out of my car.  It was rather amusing in that they did not steal anything and failed to check the trunk where they might have found some tools, jumper cables, and maybe a couple of folding chairs that we use and keep in the car for summer events.   This time I called the police who basically called me back saying that for the next 3 days they would patrol more during third shift.  Only 3 days really wow gee thanks.    Ok that came out a bit ungrateful.  I was also the only person to call something like this in the officer stated that usually this type of thing will happen about 5 times in an area.

So to reiterate there is absolutely NOTHING of value in my car worth stealing I do not have the kickin stereo or CD player.  I have a tape deck and am/fm radio.  The only thing that pissed me off is that I had a stranger rifle through my car, someone who has no right to be in my car.  Yuck makes me want to fumigate my car.   Just remember to not leave anything of value in your car whether it is parked in your driveway or not.


This weekend I got my haircut by a saloon that sells Aveda products.  They are animal friendly but, not vegan.   I will be going back this coming weekend to have highlights put in my hair.  I have not had highlights done since high school when a friend of mine Barbara Wadlinger fried my hair by leaving it in too long.  No worries it grew out so it was not that bad.  I was not upset my friend was so scared that I would be mad at her.

Back to the highlights they rank at least by EWG skin deep data base based on old data a 5 which is mildly toxic.  Then again I have not had any real products in my hair in over 10 plus years.  I am one of those wash and go kind of people or wash and if the hair is long enough put a pony tail in or whatever works.  I rarely fuss with my hair.  I am actually excited about getting highlights in my hair.  I figure that spring is all about renewal might as well add my hair to the mix as well.


How are you celebrating spring?  Are you planting? Are you doing any renewal?

Beauty and a buzz kill

23 Mar


smile  Yesterday or March 21 I got my flowers they are so beautiful and pretty and make me smile.  I even got the sweet little bunny too.


How does this help me simplify my life and help me to downsize?  It does not really but, it makes me happy.  I think that one stuffed bunny is not going to be a huge issue since I am currently reading  the book “Throw out Fifty Things” by Gail Blanke. This book is great because she goes from room to room and you can keep a running total of what you get rid of along with a grand total.  So since I am in the process of getting rid of 50 things I think allowing 1 or 2 new things into my house is not going to kill me.



It was great getting the flowers except my 3 year old decided that mom had no right to do something nice for herself.  She threw a temper tantrum for about a half hour. I was really angry for a few reasons having your 3 year old tell you that “she hates you and that you are the worst mom  ever!”  really does not thrill me.  Part of it was she was hungry (she had a snack earlier  but, it was very close to dinner time and I did not want her to spoil it.)  she was also tired, and probably jealous of mom actually getting some flowers.  Yup major buzz kill for me.  Plus I told my husband what happened and as usual whenever something like this happens and I tell him I do not get sympathy (which might be what I really need) I instead somehow always feel worse.


So while feeling lousy just before going to bed I decided to rub the four paws of the stuffed bunny thinking that a good end to my day would be nice. It worked!  I found a missing earring.  I do not have very many pairs of nice aka expensive earrings to wear so I looked down and happened to notice the earring caught in the carpeting.  I was very thrilled.  Still no back but, heck the least of my worries.


The new diet changes for Noel are doing wonders for her she is full of so much pep and energy.  Yesterday I took her upstairs (a bit more bunny proofed area aka not many electrical cords to chew on) she was jumping, running around and doing bunny binks lol so cute.  I think that this is what she was needing all a long a few more greens to eat.

I really hope I go a day without drama courtesy of my 3 year old daughter.  Do not get me wrong I love her but, there are times when mom could really use a break before I run screaming naked down the street.







Spring has sprung

22 Mar

Image  as you might be able to see.  Spring has sprung at least on the inside.  My sunflowers are sprouting.  I am doing a mix of sunflowers for the birds and then the bee mix. 

 The weather outside is frightful.  We are having snow flurries and a bit of sticking.  Hello Mother Nature and Spring it is time to get with the program and wake up.  Arrrgh I am so tired of the cold, having to wear cold weather gear.  I do know that this shall pass I just wish it would be sooner rather than later. 

I still have not gotten my bouquet of flowers but, am excited that I will be getting something colorful.  

Yesterday aka Wednesday I decided to make a monthly donation of $5.00 to  It is an organization that fights against cruelty and rape of women and girls.  I know that it is not much but, I do hope that it will help.  Having a daughter I really want to see this end for every female.  I would love for my daughter to be able to tell her grand kids that rape and other cruelty towards women is a thing of the past but, it did happen.  It would be nice if this could end sooner rather than later.   

 Maybe next month I will donate to charity water which makes sure people have clean water to drink and we all could use that.  

In my previous post I did not mention who was the lucky recipient of the last gift.  It is a fellow vegan. I follow this persons blog and no we have never met.  This person is going thorough a rough patch right now and is being open and honest in their journey as they deal with this.  I did deliberate on what to get a fellow vegan.  I did think chocolates but, could not be certain that they would be vegan and did not want this person to be upset with me because they gained 5lbs or more.  So that was thrown out.  Then I thought of flowers.  Pretty yes but, they do tend to fade, and plus they might hate the bouquet or even be allergic to something that I do not know about.  Then I thought of the perfect gift that is vegan friendly a stuffed toy of a rabbit.    Why it is spring after all and will be nice and soft plus they will have 4 paws to rub for good luck.  The best part is if you remember the movie “Who Framed Rodger Rabbit” the lines “is that a rabbit in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”  This way this person can say that yes they are happy to see people and thanks for asking that is a rabbit in my pocket.   Weird I know but, Rodgers whole purpose was to make people laugh and if I can at least get a good chuckle out of this person my job is done. 

 Why would I go out on a limb so to speak and send a complete stranger or at least someone I have never met a gift.  Honestly I guess it is because this disease can affect all women and we are all connected no matter where we live, what languages we speak,  how much we earn in a day, year or lifetime.  Most of the same things and problems affect all of us at one time or another.  

 This is not me trying to justify why I do certain things but, most not all people would not send a gift to a stranger.  

Happy Spring!!

20 Mar

Happy Spring or if any luck at least for me the end of the Arctic air and cold will be a thing of the past and warm weather is just around the corner that is except for today we are expected to be in the mid to upper 40’s.  Last year we were in the 70’s or at least it was warm enough to not to have to wear a winter jacket, boots, a hat, and gloves.  Makes me want to move some where warm like Bermuda.  

Yesterday I had to take Noel to the vet for her check up.  They did the blood test and if you own a rabbit and take it to the vet just be prepared especially if yours is  between 2-5 years old.  I knew it was coming.  We got the results back and I was told my sweetie has Anemia huh?  Her skin is pink and how, why is this happening?  I checked both of my reference books that I have on Rabbits (not much to go on).  It is possible for her to develop anemia if we have a flea infestation and I check her once a month for that and dandruff so no dice there.   I did find out that it might be more dietary ok possible.  Basically she might be short on vitamins B12, C, and folic acid.  So I am deciding to boost up what greens I give her and maybe a few more pellets than I normally start her out with each day.  I will see if that helps  and hope that when she goes back in 3 weeks (yup more blood taken) that it will have improved.  Other than the fact that she might have Anemia she is in great shape and health.  She was such an angel too.  She only nipped me 3 times.  Once for taking so long in getting to the vet (had to take the hubby to work), once because heck some stranger just stuck a needle in her and then the last for being a bit of a shumuck getting her in her cage.

My finances are in such great shape this month I have splurged a bit by ordering a few gifts.  I got my daughter 2 stuffed sheep for Easter and/or spring.  Unfortunately they might not be here in time  but, that will be ok too.  I also ordered myself some flowers.  You are probably wondering why I would do that and dont I have a husband too?  I do and the reason why is because I have been doing so great with my finances and even going under my strict budget of what I can spend monthly that I  just decided something to celebrate spring would be nice. So I ordered a rose bouquet for myself.  Plus my daughter will love it as well since her name is Rose.  


I am actually loving PHP I have only been doing the exercises for a little over a week and I love it.  It is fun and sometimes a challenge.  Plus it is nice to have such a computer guru in the house to help me if I get stuck and to ask the question….Is it ok if I tweak the exercise so that I get the result they want?  To which he replied yes.



18 Mar

I just finished reading “Insecure at Last: Losing it in our security obsessed world” by Eve Ensler.  I read the whole book in less than 24 hrs.  I will forever be thankful for my friend Tiffany Cox for introducing me to her work when I got to see the Vagina Monologues performed at our local University.  I have loved the Vagina Monologues, I am an Emotional Creature and the Good Body.  This book is very deep and you will need a box of tissues if you read this one.  She covers Clitoral Mutilation in Africa, women being murdered in Cuidad Juarez and what has been happening to the women in Iraq and Afghanistan and other topics.  It is very deep, touching, makes me angry, and profound in my opinion work.  

While reading this I had an epiphany of sorts.  My epiphany was that I have always wanted to create something beautiful and somewhat awe inspiring and then it hit me that I have already done this.  Nothing like what Michelangelo did creating “David or the Sistine Chapel” or even Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus”.  What I have created was not made with ink, paint,  wood, brick, or marble.  What I created is beautiful, smart, funny, stubborn, has a mind of her own, has the ability to grow not only physically but, emotionally.  It is my daughter. In her I have seen my grandmother who I can no longer smell, laugh with, see, touch or taste her food.  I have seen my great aunt again another person who I can no longer do the above with but, they are there in her smile and in certain looks that she gives me if only for an instant too fast to be captured on film.  I think that they somehow live inside her these people and perhaps in a way they are and I hope that they pass on their advice and wisdom as well if possible.   I also firmly believe that all humans have this need and maybe even desire to create something anything even if it lasts for an instant.  Parents create some of the most beautiful thing or things and that is every child.   Children are our future, hope and our creation.  They are what we strive for and hope to make the world a better, safer, more secure and kinder place.  

 Compared to what I have created my blog is insignificant and will probably never last.  Children are forever and they deserve our kindness, respect, to be gentle with,  and understanding.  

Chore day

16 Mar

Since my daughter is gone I actually got to play catch up not mustard lol.  I did a lot of house work that normally upsets my daughter because she hates it when I vaccum.  I understand it is rather loud but necessary since I no longer have a place with hard wood floors only.  I really miss that apartment some days.  I also swept the kitchen and swept and mopped the kitties and bunny run area.  

I was able to shred a bunch of paperwork that was needing to get done but, I do not do while my daughter is around for fear of her accidentally putting her fingers in.  

Plus I finally got to make copies of some papers that I need to send off in the mail.  Of course I will be sending it certified return receipt because I do not want to hear from these people that they never got the information they requested from me.  Plus I have proof that they got what they needed.  

Today I got a chance to spring clean my rabbits cage/area that she stays in the most.  It was nice to do and now it not only is clean but, it looks better too. 

I am trying to slowly learn PHP and MySql.  It is either that or work at Walmart or Starbucks and neither sounds very appealing so I will learn PHP etc. and hopefully be able to get a job while my daughter is in school.  I really want to get her into a Montessori school.  I really like what they do.   


15 Mar

It is now too quiet in my house.  My daughter has left for the next 3 days to spend time with my in laws.  It is kind of weird.  I thought I would love the silence and enjoy being able to do whatever I want and to some degree that has happened.  At the same time I am not enjoying the utter stillness and silence.  Guess you could say that I miss my daughter and she has not even been gone for a full 24 hrs.

On a more interesting note.  Spring has sprung or at least is on its way.  Today there was a total of at least 2 bunnies in our yard at a given time playing with each other or at the very least chasing each other like crazy.  It has been fun and funny to watch them chase and jump over each other.  Of course I got to see two bunnies give the equivalent of the oh s@*t look because one got chased onto my concrete slab and the other looked on in horror.  Guess they know or at least can smell that I have a beautiful bunny at home and most critters are welcome in and around my home.  Granted I do draw the line at kindness to certain snakes, and spiders and cockroaches.   Most get tossed back outside so no real harm done on my part.

Yesterday was spent running errands mainly shopping for groceries so while I did spend money it was for consumables.  I also started some flowers to attract and support bees.

Today was also busy with my husband needing to get new tires for his motorcycle.  He has been losing air and has major cracks along the side wall. Not very safe to ride on.  Today I started some sunflower seeds of different varieties. Guess my main crops will be flowers this year and maybe next year I will actually plant some veggies.

Why am I planting flowers to help bees.  Well in case you have not heard bees are disappearing  either from disease or pesticides and if that happens just think of a world where there will be no greens or fruit and we will have to eat the equivalent of gruel.  Not very fun.  I personally love all my veggies and fruits.

Things not to do while hiking

13 Mar

I want to start this post by mentioning a few things to NOT do while out hiking in the woods. If you come upon a broken glass bottle and the earth is soft DO NOT try to push it in with your bare hands or with your foot (no I do not care how thick your soles are) they will never be thick enough.

My husbands cousin decided to push a broken bottle in with her bare hands well with the weather and who knows how long it has been outside.  The glass was brittle and basically shattered in her hands.  She sliced her wrist and had to have several stitches plus might have possible nerve damage in two fingers.  She was complaining of numbness in her thumb and forefinger.  Hopefully the hand specialist that my mother in law referred her to was able to help or will be able to help.


The Process

12 Mar

As I stated in a previous post I finally got to see Les Miserables on the big screen and loved, loved, loved it.  If you have not seen it yet you need to go see it.


I also got rid of a few things. A few articles of clothing that my daughter has out grown, a few toys from McDonalds happy meals that are cheap pieces of plastic that she so far has not missed and I certainly wont miss them.  They are unwelcome and unneeded especially,
since she has so many toys.  I also got rid of the diaper bag.  I will definately not be needing that again.  I tried to give it to one of my husbands coworkers but, he never mentioned or asked him if he needed it. So out it went.  I also got rid of a couple of purses.
My husband was wanting me to hang on to it in case it came in handy for something.
. If I did that for everything my husband wanted me to hang on to nothing would ever get
t out of the house . It is great to have things out of my house and I am still working on my
journey of minimizing my things. I am feeling better about this and how my life for the most
part is shaping up.