Cold fighters

28 Feb


Still feeling not the greatest today but, I have been upping my Vitamin C and getting rest.  Maybe it is the weather….it has been cloudy and rainy here.  I have just been so tired lately even when I get sleep and go to bed at a very decent hour.



Sources of Vitamin C all citrus fruits this includes lemons and limes so go ahead and squeeze that lemon or lime wedge in your water.


A perhaps surprising source of Vitamin C is Broccoli along with some calcium.




I have been drinking Emergen C to help my immune system fight off this cold.  I have also been making a drink that is surprisingly good despite what you might think.  It is apple juice heated with Kudzu root (here in the Eastern US  it is not seen in a favorable light)  but, it does help with having a cold.



All warming spices help too to heat you up and break up mucous these include but are not limited to Garlic (anti microbial, anti infectent basically anti everything), ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne, etc. 


Echinacea will help you more if you have been taking it prior to catching the cold or other virus.  I personally prefer Astragalus this has a bit more of a kick and you can take it any time since this is an immune booster.

Admittedly you may be wondering how or why I know all of this.  I studied under a herbalist who has credentials and currently at least last I knew works for a few pharmaceutical companies along with our University Hospital.












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