Beating it off with a stick

27 Feb

Yesterday my daughter was coming down with a cold and spent about an hour screaming and crying because she could not breathe through her nose.   I completely understand that especially with allergies and colds that I suffered through as a child.

Today I am starting to feel as though I am getting it as well.  Arrgh.  Trying to beat it off with Chai tea, vitamin C and rest I even took a 2 hour nap something I rarely do.  Usually 30 min is my maximum/power nap.

I finally got an order in from a company based in Canada.  It has been very annoying for me just because I thought I would be receiving it via UPS and not regular mail.  I had contacted the company via email (yes I am aware they probably get a lot in and maybe cant answer all of them at one time.) because there was no number to call to find out where my order was, if it had even been shipped yet, if there was a tracking number and what it was.  I got no response from any of the emails I sent so I will no longer have any more dealings with this company.  I sent 3 emails and got my credit card statement saying I had been charged for the order I placed February 13th.

As a minimalist yes I still have the dreaded credit card but, I have plans for it.  For starters so far this year I have not gone over $300 worth of charges.  I pay off my balance every month and once my current card “expires” in August and I am sent my “new” card I will not be accessing the new one and basically close the account.  I much prefer to pay either in cash, use my debit card that works as a credit card or gasp write a check.  It just saves money in the long run for me and my family.

How do you usually pay for things?


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