Vegan Sweeteners

26 Feb


I just wanted to touch on some vegan sweeteners.





Turbinado sugar is vegan along with raw cane sugar both are dark to light brown.  Along with plain old brown sugar.  All are great sweeteners.   White sugar is however not really vegan friendly just because of how it is processed to get that white color basically by using charcoal made from animals to “bleach” it and make it sparkling white.




For liquid sweeteners there is agave nectar, sorghum, and maple syrup.


All are great for sweetening your coffee in the morning, or for baking with.  It just depends on what you want to use.

More strict vegans will argue that honey is not vegan but, as a vegan I do use it just because for me I use local honey and it is also cheaper that allergy shots especially when you have a lovely insurance company that is trying its damnedest to deny coverage for “pre-existing conditions” bleh.




Those are for the most part the vegan sweeteners that are approved vegan.  Hope this helps you with your sweetening needs and baking.

My favorites are sorghum, maple syrup and honey in no particular order.










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