Weekend plans

23 Feb

My weekend plans do not include very much.

I need to go to the library and pick up books I have requested and return a few items that I have checked out.

Hopefully have my daughter go and visit with my in laws just cause I really could use a break.

Try and sweet talk my husband into downloading or at least showing me how to install the latest adobe flash player so that way maybe I can watch a few things on my computer.

Spend some quality alone time with my husband (nudge nudge wink wink).

Hopefully find our taxes from last year and make a copy so that way I can mail it to those who have requested it.  They are in the illusive spotted box that I could have found if my husband had not rearranged the office.  Yup I still need to get rid of more things so that way this is not such an issue.

Hopefully get up early Saturday morning and make banana nut muffins.


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