Cabin Fever Perks

22 Feb

I have to say that not being able to leave my house  does have its advantages.

I am saving money by not shopping usually at my favorite book stores and not going out for coffee.

Less clutter by not buying books.

Not having my daughter get upset because she did not get x at the store we were in.  Even though she has been told/we have had this discussion before that usually we are not in a store to buy something for her.

Could I catch a bus to take me to most of these destinations probably with a bit of finesse but, have no desire to stand out in the cold with a 3 year old on a street corner.  Plus said 3 year old might not listen to me and stay out of traffic.  Not a fun thought.

Less money spent on gas and wear and tear on my car.

I have to think of ways to keep myself and my daughter entertained while my husband is at work for the next 12 hours or so.

There are probably more but, that is all I can come up with for now.


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