How far would you go?

20 Feb

I recently watched the recent/newest episode of Castle and just to give you a small dose of what happened in case you do not watch the show.  Castles daughter Alexis is kidnapped along with a friend of hers.  They find a suspect who has been injured and Castle “persuades” this suspect to give up what he knows.

This hit me a bit hard just because I have a daughter and feel that there is almost nothing I would do for her.  There are of course a few exceptions such as breaking the law and murdering someone.

So this is my question to you or at least those with kids and this does not matter on age or gender.

What would you do for your child?  What are your limits if any?

If you would like to try a hypothetical situation then think on this one:  Say your son or daughter calls and tells you that their significant other just abused them physically (it does happen to men too so dont scoff and say the guy is just a wimp and yes your son is buff or not) and they are needing a place to stay and are wanting to come home but since they left in a hurry they do not have very much cash on them.  Would you send them enough money for a hotel room, and either a bus ticket or plane ticket?  Would you ask them what they wanted to do about their job and still send them money for at least a hotel room for the night?   Would you demand that they call the police and insist on a restraining order?



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