To Move or not to move that is the question

19 Feb

My husband would like for us or at least has been talking lately of us moving to a smaller town outside of the smaller city we currently live in.  I do not want to do this for several reasons.

1.  We shop, mainly grocery shop where we live.

2.  There are more restaurants here so if we decide to go out to eat it is not such a long drive.

3.  There are movie theaters here so if we decide to see a movie it is not so far to drive.

4.  More parks to take my daughter to.

5.  More schools for her to attend when she gets there and wants to go to school.

Now for the downside of this

1.  As you can tell from the above it would be more expensive to even go “into town” just because we would burn more fuel.

2.  My mom would probably be rather annoyed just because she would not be able to see her granddaughter as much.

3. My husband/my daughters father already works late so with him having to travel even further to and from work the odds of being late to work and getting home from work even later just gets that much more annoying for both of us.

4.  I have lived in a small town before and yes there were things I enjoyed about it but, a lot of things I did not.

5.  Cheaper rent but again probably eaten alive by the cost of gas to get my husband to and from work.  What we would save might just not be saved.

6.  Moving is such a pain in my backside with or without help.  Usually with little to no help.

The upside to this is that we could rent a house instead of a duplex.  The only problem is that this house usually floods in the basement so we could not use the basement for very much and I really do not want to even put our washer and dryer in this house.

Both locations have farmer markets and schools.

I really do not want to do this and we have talked about it before and agreed last time not to do it so I really hope that my husband really thinks this through again and decides not to do it.


What do you think should we move or not?




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