Happy Single Awareness Day or Valentines Day

15 Feb

I took my daughter over to my moms her grandmothers to spend some time with each other today.  Almost as soon as we walked in the door my daughter wished her grandmother a Happy Valentines Day but, then she wanted to know what her presents were.  Yup I was horrified.  My mom wanted to know what her gift was and asked or demanded a hug from my daughter which she did not get.  Then my mom gave my daughter a card, a necklace with matching bracelet, and 5 DVD’s .  I informed my daughter that I was leaving and asked her to give me a hug which she did.  My mom commented that at least I got one.  I told my mom that was uncalled for.

The only thing I got my daughter for a Valentines Day gift was a stuffed dolphin that she picked out and wanted and if you want to throw in the yoga classes then those as well.  Not too much really in the way of stuff.

I really hope that one day my daughter will get the fact that it is not about the stuff you get or even the amount or dollar amount of the stuff you get.  What counts to me is just spending time with people I love and not the stuff you get.   I know 3 year old and rather selfish but, sheesh I did try and talk to her on the ride home that today and other holidays it is not about getting stuff it is about spending time with people you love.  Granted getting a few gifts is fine if it is something you want or really need.  I am not completely opposed to gifts but, I personally prefer getting experience gifts like taking a cooking class, yoga class, movie tickets, etc.  I also prefer cold hard cash as well to either save or spend how I want to.


I just want to throw in a couple of links to a few other sites that I read and follow to a point.

http://manvsdebt.com/8-reasons-you-should-break-up-with-debt/  This is a great post and most folks need to either work on getting out of debt, avoiding more debt, and saving an emergency fund, for retirement, and that dream vacation.  Also check out “Money Rules” by Jean Chatzky it is a great book and a fast read.


heallthybitchdaily.com/post/chocolate-je-taime-2.  Remember Dark Chocolate is your friend just remember to eat in moderation.


One last thing for Valentines Day if you have a chance to see Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues performed somewhere please go see it.  I do not care if you are male or female you will laugh, cry, feel empowered, and hopefully walk away with a bit more respect for women.  I have seen it twice now and have loved it both times.  I am very disappointed that it is not being done this year so far at our local college.  I really want my daughter to see it as well, once she gets a bit older of course.  I have every book by her and love her writing.  My next favorite is her book titled “I am an emotional creature”.  If all else fails take your sweetie to see Vagina Monologues or buy the books that I have mentioned above this Valentines Day.


Have a great day and remember above all to spend time with the people you love or at the very least can tolerate for more that 5 minutes.  If you are single treat yourself to a glass of wine (try not to drink the whole bottle), or just pamper yourself in some small way or spend time with your companion animal.  Take a walk or whatever to help you feel good on this day.


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