Gadget girl

14 Feb

I saw the new/old James Bond movie this weekend with a friend Skyfall after years of not seeing the latest Bond flick and I gotta say I was rather disappointed.  Guess you could say I am a gadget girl and loved all the gadgets that were cool that Q always gave Bond.   I loved the “old ” Q who always asked 007 if he was paying attention while he gave instructions on how to use the gadgets.  In this latest one 007 only got a gun which, only he could fire and basically a panic button.  Guess 007 is even feeling the latest down turn in spending.  I was really not impressed with this latest installment.  Ah well, maybe next time I decide to see one they will bring back the cool gadgets.

The next movie I really want to see is Les Miserables I have seen it performed but, not on screen and am somewhat looking forward to it.  My absolute favorite is Phantom of the Opera both on screen and performed.  I would love to one day take my daughter to see it.


Am I just the only one who missed all the cool gadgets that 007 used?  What did you think of Skyfall?



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