Cookies and other stuff

13 Feb

I have been busy just catching up on the mundane of cleaning my house….whew what a chore but, it is done for now.

This weekend my husband and daughter went to fulfill his relatives last request.  This is good. I spent Sunday in absolute silence and just sat and read a book that I got from the library.  It is a “new” book and I only get it for 14 days.   I am very nearly done with it.

This weekend I made the best cookies for a sort of Valentines Day treat (except I do not think they will last very long let alone until Valentines Day).  The recipe I got from 1000 Vegan Recipes and it is the Chai Spice Cookies on page 433.  If you like Chai Tea then you will love these.  It is great to actually eat what you love to drink and Chai tea is my all time favorite tea.  I do enjoy various green teas but, for me Chai tea is my absolute favorite.   It is the only tea that I can feel comfortable drinking with a bit of nut milk and honey and feel very British as well.  My daughter and I cut out shapes.  Since I do not have a heart shaped cookie cutter I chose a star shaped one and my daughter wanted the stocking shaped for what ever reason.

How will you be spending Valentines Day?

My husband and I have not made any plans yet.  Last Valentines day my water pump on the car decided to go out on us and we had to get my car towed.    Not a very fun night.


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