Move it Or Lose it

6 Feb

As most of us already know moving our bodies and getting some form of exercise is better than nothing.  Basically Move it or Lose it.

My exercise of choice or what I personally prefer is doing Yoga.  You do not need too much equipment basically a yoga mat for bare minimum and then if you need more props such as a strap, or blocks.  All are not very expensive to get.

I recently went to our local half price book store and maybe I may have gone a little overboard but, I got 4 yoga DVDs for less than the price of a month long yoga pass/membership  at one of our local yoga studios.

All of the DVDs offer something specific and give you a great workout in 20 min to 35 min.  I can actually tell a difference in how I am feeling.  I am sleeping better and not quite as stressed as I sometimes get.

If all else fails and you cant or do not want to do anything else grab a pair of walking shoes and go for a walk.



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