Things I have put off 101 and other news

5 Feb

As you can tell still no picture of my beautiful car.  Sorry we have had rather interesting weather lately.

The other thing I have put off is actually balancing my checkbook.  I really hate doing this so I am going to put it off for yet one more day.

My weekend was a bust because of the weather.  So no girls night out that I was really looking forward to and is rescheduled for this weekend barring any natural disasters or bad weather.

Today at least the sun has returned and will hopefully melt most of the snow.

I really think that some people need to learn or maybe relearn how to handle driving in ice and snow.  I had a neighbor several houses up from me trying to drive more like skating in their truck and all they wanted to do was back into their driveway.  All this person did was gun his vehicle repeatedly and make tracks in the snow and try and take out their own mail box and the set of mail boxes across the way from them.  Honestly I might have not done any better but, I do know that gunning it is not going to do you much good.  Folks ya need to go slow and if you get stuck then you “rock” the vehicle by either putting it in Reverse and then first gear or drive.  Not too hard folks and hopefully you will gain some traction and not slip as much or get stuck as badly.


I maybe taking a break sometime soon.  The reason being is that I have a very sick relative and she is not doing very well.  The good news is that she is home.  So I will be grieving and will be taking a break for how long not sure.

Until the next time.



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