Weekend and other topics

2 Feb

sin and Noel


The picture above was last night and it shows one of my cats Sin (pronounced Shin) on top of my rabbits cage.  The towel on top was to just give Noel a bit more warmth last night since it was bitterly cold.

The last picture is of my back yard as you can see it snowed last night about 2 inches not a lot just enough to cover the ground.  The two piles are bird seed for our feathered friends.


Last night I was really in the mood for something feel good.  I had rented from the library Dolphin Tale (yes I know it is a bit old).   This is a great movie.  I actually enjoyed it a lot.  It is amazing that Hollywood actually came out with a decent movie that the whole family can enjoy without the sex and violence.  Not that there is anything wrong with that I just think there is too much of it sometimes.


Wahhooooo!  This weekend I get to have a girls night out with one of my husbands former coworkers.  It will be fun we are going to see a movie.  Yup, it will have the above but, I honestly have not seen a James Bond movie since the 80’s.  So to say it has been awhile is an understatement. We will be seeing Skyfall (again it has been out for awhile) but, I honestly like seeing movies in the cheap seats you spend less than $5 for getting in. I think this is awesome plus I actually get to see a movie that is not animated (again nothing wrong with it) but, when most of the movies that you get to watch with a 3 year old are animated you get kinda tired of it.

I have not had a girls night out since  before I got married and am looking forward to this.

I did not have a chance to get a picture of my new and improved car door but, will get that as soon as I can.

Have a GREAT weekend!


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