Dont Feed the Bears and other things that make you go grrrrr

1 Feb

Ever had one of those days were you just want to feed the animals a nice juicy steak (because Lions, and Bears are not Vegans)?  Today is my day for just wanting to do that and just break the rules.

Today has been frustrating it all started discovering before my husband had to take the car to work today that someone (ok idiot) hit my driver side door .  No of course there was no note.  I really hate it when people are not honest enough to say sorry I totally f***ed up your car here is my name, insurance info., phone number etc.  I honestly would have been happy if they just left a note with their name saying they were sorry.  Oh well.  My car is rather old 1997 but, it still gets me from point A to B without too much fuss and trouble when I need it.

The other most annoying thing is I Hate Hippa!  Let me explain why, see it goes something along the lines of my new insurance company is refusing to pay for my more recent doctors visit all because they want to see if I have any pre existing conditions to be able to deny me coverage (just in case you were wondering that would be a no).  So I had to send a letter saying here is my old doctor who covered me for the last six months.  I recently discovered that they sent a letter finally requesting my medical records and that joy of joys that I need to send in a release for those medical records to be sent to the new insurance company.  Can you say run around and red tape.  Good I knew you could.

See now that it seems that most people either want to break the rules around me and just give me the worlds worst case of chase my own tail.  I just feel the need to ok whine and at least maybe make someone happy even if it is a Lion or Bear with a steak because I know that bribing my new insurance company is for one unethical and two would probably get me in the same situation I am currently in.  Plus not sure what to do with my car ah well will figure it out and post a picture of how beautiful it looks now with its new and improved driver side door.


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