Swamp and Cleaning vegan style

31 Jan


downsize (2)


This is the view of my back yard this morning.  We got a lot of rain last night and this morning. As you can see the ground is completely saturated and there is standing water plus, our high today is supposed to be in the upper 60’s.  The low is supposed to go down to the mid 20’s.  So much fun with the temperature changes.   We got off lightly to the east of where I live some folks got tornadoes.  Not fun.




As for cleaning vegan style I use baking soda, Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Soap, vinegar, lemon juice and water.  That is for the most part what I use to clean my house.  The vinegar and water I use to clean windows and it does a great job.



The rest I use to clean the tub and maybe the lemon juice to clean any stains that might be on the counters that are stubborn.


To clean my floors and counter tops along with my bunny’s cage I use the Shark it is basically a steam cleaner so it disinfects and takes away smells.  You can still use the above or whatever scent of Dr. Bronner’s soaps you want on your floors and if you have something a bit more delicate just follow the instructions for your floor and try to be both kind to animals and the environment if you can.




To clean my clothes I use either soap nuts or sometimes The Seventh Generation baby detergent.  They both work great to clean clothes and I love the fact that my clothes are not heavily perfumed with any sort of scent.  They just smell clean.








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