Ball Ping Hammer or Eureka

25 Jan

I finally believe that I am over the crummies.  I am still tired but, yesterday it felt as though someone had hit me in the gut and punched me in the left kidney.  I felt better once  the pain decided to take a vacation.  Having yogurt really helped of course it was a nut based yogurt.  The previous day it felt like someone was smacking me with a ball ping hammer at the base of my skull on the left side.   Not sure why my left side was taking such a beating.  Of course if anyone else gets “blessed” with this you may experience things differently.


I just want to add a link to a website that I read/follow

What makes you uncomfortable?  For me it is certain yoga poses and having to hold some for awhile ok it feels like forever. Just lets me know what I need to work on, keep pushing myself to hold it longer and also that I am a bit out of shape.

I am currently reading “The 100 Thing Challenge” by Dave Bruno yes it is a bit old 2010 but, still of interest in my quest/need to downsize and declutter and simplify even more.  So here is the deal my Eureka moment is this.   The first person to actually write a positive comment will receive the book once I am finished reading it.  So go comment and make some noise so to speak and do not forget to include what makes you uncomfortable.


Until next time.


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