Oh the weather outside is frightful (cue music)

23 Jan



Today we are getting up to a balmy and feeling like I need to break out my Bermuda shorts if I actually owned any our high today is 18 degrees.  For some folks this is warm compared to the negative degrees some folks are in right now.



Today my husband and I to quote “the Lorax ” by Dr. Seuss we have the crummies.  Both of us are not feeling at our best.  My husband actually stayed home from work today and for that to happen is quite impressive so he really is sick.


Me I am hanging in there but, still not feeling the best.  Had to take about a 2 hr. nap earlier today to even feel like I could make it through the rest of the day.


Today I had to wait until almost 10 am our time to give my sweet rabbit her run time.  Where I normally put her was very cold and in my opinion too cold for her to even set her paws down on.  Normally I put her in her run area around 7 am our time.  So this was quite late for her.


I even took pity on our feathered friends and gave them some food as well.




Plus since I am obsessed or would just really love to own a tiny house I am thrilled that Jay Shafer who started Tumbleweed Houses now has another company four lights houses another small house company with a few more designs.  Part of it is that it would really make me downsize a lot of my stuff even more and maybe even help my husband and daughter downsize as well.  Part of it is that I want to own a house without it owning me I do not want to own “the American Dream” house with its 1000 sq ft. plus size .  I just want a small house with 2 bedrooms or at the most 3 with a bath and a half at least.  I find that when two people are sick at the same time it is very helpful to have extra facilities.  Plus maybe having enough space that if I ever do have company over they have somewhere to sleep.


I really do not want to have the mortgage payments either.  I know that it is possible to pay off your mortgage early but, I just do not want to have to take out the loan and would rather pay cash if possible for the whole thing.  Not many folks can do that   I really just want to live as debt free as possible or at the very least whatever debt I take on I can pay off within the next month not spend years trying to pay things off.  Most people might be thinking wake up and smell the coffee or the humus or whatever but, I really want to make that happen not just for myself but, for my daughter and husband.  I really do not want them to have to worry about a student loan or whatever if I pass on sooner rather than later.

I am so excited I finally will be saying goodbye and see ya to my old desktop computer and monitor.  I cannot wait to take it to the recycling plant.  It will free up so much space and allow me to use my desk for actually writing on or at the very least give it to my husband to use as his computer desk.  Plus the next move will be a bit more of a breeze without too much heavy lifting on my part.   I really do not need a desk since I have a netbook so am very portable.  I love my netbook.  I wish computer companies would not axe them and make more  ah well.













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