Fire, Fire, Fire

22 Jan

Last Thursday we almost had a fire in our house.

No not due to having a fireplace.  Just due in part to my daughter and mine.

My daughter who is 3 1/2 years old likes to make “houses” by taking a chair (we only have chairs for the most part to sit on) and then using things to sort of “build a few walls and a door.  She used one of my ‘decorative” pillows to block up a side of the chair but, unfortunately this also put it very close to the heater.

It all began with me smelling something close to someone burning leaves and since I live within city limits this is to say  slightly illegal (but some rules and laws are meant to be broken)  I have before witnessed people burning brush in a more well to do neighborhood within the city ah well.  I did not realize that it was my favorite pillow (favorite because it had a fairy on it and was rather large and comfy for taking naps on) that was getting hot.  Once I realized what it was I immediately beat/furiously patted on it so that way in case anything was on fire under the cover.  Thankfully it was not.  Plus our apartment/duplex that we are renting is not exactly the most sealed so it tends to leak air a bit.


This could have gotten very bad rather quickly.  I would have been sad to see some of my material possessions gone but, the most awful thing would have been having to get a rabbit, my daughter, and  2 cats out ASAP or even losing them if the fire had spread quickly.

This was partly my fault for not realizing what was happening.

My daughter now understands that while the heaters are on (no central heat unfortunately) she cannot make her “houses” close to the heaters until we can turn them off for awhile.   I feel bad to have to put a damper on her creativity but, for all of our safety this has to be done.

The pillow is now in the trash because I did not want to save something that probably would smell really bad if we decided to hang on to it.

Thankfully everyone is fine and safe.


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