Friday, Friday, Friday

19 Jan

Thankfully it is Friday the sort of end of the work week for most folks.

For me it is just the end of yet another week of my husband working long hours, little to no breaks from my 3 year old who may or may not be driving me crazy depending upon her mood and the day of the week.   She is cute but, can be trying as well.   Do not get me wrong I love her sooo much but, she does tend to drive me a bit crazy.


At least this Friday is a much better Friday than last weeks.  Last Friday I spent part of the day fighting with my husbands health insurance people asking why a bill still has not been paid from October of last year and why I was still responsible for the charges.  Always fun hahaha.


Then I got a nasty phone call stating my name and that “I had been served”.  I was thinking what the f@*k does my Dr. have some creditors on speed dial and since I have not paid it yet.  I do not answer my phone if it is a number I do not recognize I personally love caller id.  Well whomever these people are they left me with a number to call back and a claim or account number.  I asked them what this was regarding the lady wanted to know if I had ever lived in a specific city and I told her no.  She did not answer my question and wanted to know if I wanted to leave it at that.  I said yes since my question was not answered.

After I hung up the account or claim number sounded familiar and these are the same people that prompted me to put a hold on all of my accounts.  Plus since I told them the last time they called me that my last name was X and that the person they were looking for gave them false information like my phone number.  They were looking for someone with my same first name and phone number but different last name .  Needless to say I now have a new phone number so I personally wish them well and pity the person who gets my old number.

Even though it has been a pain in the ass to notify folks of my new number it sure does beat changing my identity.  That would be hard to accomplish.

Hope you are having a good Friday.


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