Vegan accessories and clothes

16 Jan

This is the last in this series of being a vegan.

As for clothes well I usually prefer natural materials such as organic cotton, hemp and bamboo.  It feels great and lets your skin breathe plus, it will bio degrade with time.

As for accessories I have a few favorites such as Gunas, and Matt and  Nat.  I also like alternative outfitters for boots and other shoes that I might need.  Also Mooshoes is great as well.

As for jackets well I choose vintage granted it is almost always never vegan but, I have to say giving a second life to a wool jacket for me is great because it doubles as a very warm coat and as protection against the rain.  Some vegans do not have issues with vintage or second hand things others do.  I personally do not have any problems with it and heck it sure beats buying something new in my opinion.

If you need ideas or further information I would read “Skinny Bitch or Skinny Bastard” very blunt about our food supply, the horrors that go into slaughter for both workers and animals.  “Skinny Bitch Home, Beauty, and Style” , Also “The Vegan Girls Guide to Life” (I had no idea that if I wanted to get inked that some used animal byproducts yuck  until I read this).  There are other books of course that you can read such as “The China Study”, “The Jungle” , “Animal Farm”, etc.  There are many books regarding Veganism you just have to look and find what interests you and what you like.  Plus there are a lot of things on the internet regarding blogs, recipes, etc.

Hope this helps and gives you a few suggestions along with some info.


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