Vegan makeup/skincare

15 Jan


Before I move on to the makeup part.  I just want to add a few book recommendations for vegan  food that I forgot to add to the above post.



1000 Vegan Recipes by Robertson, Vegan on the Cheap by Robertson again and last but not least Eat Vegan on $4 a day by Ellen Jaffe Jones.




On to makeup always remember to consult for everything you put on your skin since your skin is THE LARGEST ORGAN for the body.





As for what I use or like that is easy 100% Pure for all my make up for my face most of their ingredients are food based (yes you could eat them I do not recommend you do).  I love their eye shadows and moisturizer.  They have products for face, body, and hair.   They also have kid/baby friendly products as well.



You could also try Juice Beauty.  I have never tried any of their products so have no say on whether they are great or ill.



Some sneaky ingredients to look out for are carmine which is smooshed up beetle used for red pigment in lipsticks, blush etc.   Propolis and beeswax both are byproducts of beehives.



For my hair I use Kiss My Face Shampoo and normally use baking soda with water to wash my hair both are cruelty free.  Yes you can use baking soda to wash your hair it is very eco friendly and very cheap.  It does a great job of cleaning my hair without it smelling of heavy perfumes.



I do not use lipstick so instead I use Hurraw or Crazy Rumors both are vegan and smell fantastic almost good enough to eat!

As for perfume I love SaraWen Perfume and as far as I know you can only find it at  It is a blend of rice bran oil, fragrance, and essential oils.  They again smell great yes, almost good enough to eat and with enough varieties most people can walk away happy.  I have never been disappointed in my selection.



This rounds out my very simple beauty routine and what I use personally.


Remember YOUR SKIN IS THE LARGEST ORGAN IN THE BODY.  Hope this helps and gives you a few ideas .

























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