11 Jan

My mom sort of freaked out when I first told her I was a vegetarian especially when I was visiting for the holiday.  She was concerned about what I could possibly eat besides the turkey.  I told her I was going to eat a squash.  Then I went Vegan she has not said anything to me about how I get my protein, what I am going to eat, etc.

As a vegan what I eat is important to me.  I eat as much organic as I can (yes there is arguments about organic vs. non organic and if it really is better for you and the earth).  You just have to do some research and find out who is actually funding it.  If  say for instance the cattle industry, big pharmacy or someone else.    Then failing that and you are still undecided then follow your heart and figure out what will do the least harm.  In a way vegans follow a part of the Hipocratic oath of first do no harm.

I also eat a lot of whole grains, beans, and veggies.  Being a vegan Does Not mean that you are stuck with eating only salads and you cant have desert…you can eat your cake too and not be stuck with just eating a salad.  Of course, you might be stuck with the salad option if you go out with friends to a restaurant that has no other vegan options.

You have to do your research on what you eat aka read the labels, which can be annoying but, better in the long run so that way there are no surprises.

Remember there is no vegan police so you have to decide how vegan you want to be… consuming honey.  Some vegans believe that it is not ok others are ok with it and still call themselves vegan.  As for me yes I do consume honey.  The reason being is that it helps me tremendously with my allergies and since I am allergic to every tree native to the state I am in  I suffer a lot during the spring and fall.  I consume only local honey again this is better for my allergies.  Since I hate having shots and needles this is my solution and a bit cheaper.

Some folks may not agree that I am vegan and that is fine just because I have honey.  Honey is the only animal product that I consume/use so I guess I am not doing that badly.

I will discuss later makeup/skincare, clothes and accessories  as a vegan.


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