Info regarding Rabbits

4 Jan

Since I recently introduced one half of my VeganBunny site I want to share some BASIC information regarding rabbits.

1.  Always remember that with big ears comes bigger sense of hearing and they are very sensitive to loud noises and especially yelling.

2.  Never do anything physical to punish your rabbit.  This will just end up making you have to start from square one and make your rabbit afraid of you.

3.  Rabbits show affection and/or love by giving you kisses or licking to say/show their love.

4.  Your rabbit will need toys please either visit your local pet store or shop online.  These help to keep your rabbit from being bored.

5.  Please do not leave your rabbit in direct sunlight their normal body temperature is if I recall correctly is 104 degrees.  So if you are enjoying some rays outside and are getting uncomfortable then just assume your rabbit is miserable.

6.  Always give your rabbit fresh water daily.  Hay as needed along with pellets or rabbit food and greens.  My bunny is a bit picky or just particular.  So just know that your rabbit might prefer certain greens above others.  Mine likes dino kale and romaine lettuce along with dandelion greens.  

7.  Give your rabbit occasional treats.  Some acceptable treats include but are not limited to bananas, cranberries, and mango.

8.  If you do decide to get a rabbit for yourself please adopt and understand that this is a lifetime commitment.

9.  Some resources to either checkout at your local library or purchase online are “The House Rabbit Handbook” and “Rabbits for Dummies”.

10.  Rabbits are about as playful as a cat or dog.

11.  If you have other pets please keep your rabbit confined in a cage or hutch or even another room and get them used to each other.

12.  Rabbits can be litter box trained.

13.  Rabbits will nip you if you do something they do not like such as wearing strong perfume and holding your rabbit close to where you put  the perfume.  For this reason I still wear perfume but, instead put it on my back which is better for my rabbit and helps me not sneeze as much.

14.  You will need to clean their cage or hutch once a week and give fresh bedding along with litter box and give fresh litter.   Do not use clay or clumping litter I use Yesterdays News for my rabbit.

15.  Rabbits need something to chew and dig.

16. Rabbits will sometimes sleep with their eyes open.  Just part of being a pray animal.

17.  Rabbits have the softest fur I have ever felt and as much as I hate to admit it I understand why folks make coats etc out of them.   I would never wear a fur coat or fur anything just because of how cruel this practice is and heck I am vegan.

We got our rabbit from the Humane Society and yes I guess I get bonus points for saving a life lol.  We adopted ours since my daughter who was two at the time expressed interest in the rabbits that we have in our backyard that are wild.  I decided to do some research and see what it was all about.  That is when I learned the above information and then some.  I discussed it with all family members and we decided to adopt.  We got our sweetheart shortly after the 2008 economic crisis when a lot of people were getting rid of their pets in an attempt to save some money.  I was very saddened by this news.


I hope this helps folks especially those that might be considering adopting or rescuing a rabbit to have as a companion.  I personally am very happy my rabbit is part of our family.


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