New Year

3 Jan

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.  

This year is full of new possibilities, new hopes, new dreams, new challenges basically everything is new.  

This month I am cutting out chocolate dark of course out of my diet for 30 days and yesterday was day one.  Not doing too bad.  So far.  I decided to cut some sugar out of my diet and since Chocolate is the only sugar that I eat daily and consciously.  

The holidays for me were nice but also full of challenges.  The nice was that my husband actually got gifts for most of his family including myself and our daughter.  I also got a very nice but, unexpected early Valentines day gift of an MP3 player which I love because I can now listen to music without skipping and without the bulk anytime I want to.  Love it for housework which I tend to actually move a bit faster if I have something to listen to.  The challenges consisted of both Grandmothers going very overboard on their gifts to my daughter.  Next year I will be setting limits.  It was and still is a bit crazy with the amount and volume of things my daughter received.  I think that three gifts no matter how small would be great.  Clothes do not count just because she is growing like crazy and seems to constantly need clothes.  I do realize that there is such a thing as too many and for right now she has just enough.  

I would like to include a link with a great story about a professor.  This is just a reminder to spend more time with what and who is important. his post on time spent is not wasted is the one you might be interested in.  No worries if you are not married just something worthy of consideration.  


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