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Swamp and Cleaning vegan style

31 Jan


downsize (2)


This is the view of my back yard this morning.  We got a lot of rain last night and this morning. As you can see the ground is completely saturated and there is standing water plus, our high today is supposed to be in the upper 60’s.  The low is supposed to go down to the mid 20’s.  So much fun with the temperature changes.   We got off lightly to the east of where I live some folks got tornadoes.  Not fun.




As for cleaning vegan style I use baking soda, Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Soap, vinegar, lemon juice and water.  That is for the most part what I use to clean my house.  The vinegar and water I use to clean windows and it does a great job.



The rest I use to clean the tub and maybe the lemon juice to clean any stains that might be on the counters that are stubborn.


To clean my floors and counter tops along with my bunny’s cage I use the Shark it is basically a steam cleaner so it disinfects and takes away smells.  You can still use the above or whatever scent of Dr. Bronner’s soaps you want on your floors and if you have something a bit more delicate just follow the instructions for your floor and try to be both kind to animals and the environment if you can.




To clean my clothes I use either soap nuts or sometimes The Seventh Generation baby detergent.  They both work great to clean clothes and I love the fact that my clothes are not heavily perfumed with any sort of scent.  They just smell clean.







What happened to winter?

30 Jan

Today where I am we are to get up into the low 60’s and no I do not live in California.  I live on the east coast.  Not to worry by Wednesday night we will be back into the arctic zone of winter.

Today has been a busy day I started out doing my usual morning routine and then since I actually had a chance to use the car to run errands I figured I better get it done while I can and get myself out of my house.  We went and got rid of a bunch of books that I have been needing to get rid of but, wanted to wait until the holidays were over and then bad weather struck so my husband needed the car.  I got that done then I needed to go to the library and pickup what I had reserved (so much easier when you have a very energetic 3year old to just grab and go).  We also went to the park since it was such a nice day and my daughter ran around for awhile.

It really feels good to get rid of things I no longer need or want so I feel a lot better.  I did hang on to one maybe two books because I want to read them the rest of the very heavy stack went to a local bookstore that buys back books.


My rabbit is doing well and seems to enjoy the warmer weather.  Plus yesterday morning I saw two rabbits in my backyard.  They were so cute with their little white cotton tails.

Well folks that is all for now.

Its the End of the World as We Know it cue music

29 Jan

The contest is closed and since no one commented well I guess I will either sell the book or donate it to the library.  

I hope folks had a good weekend.  Today it is raining so I am not feeling very motivated to do much of anything.  

Until Next time.  

No Jacket required

26 Jan

I forgot to mention  when the contest is over and since I finished reading the book it will be over Monday January 28, 2013 so hurry and make a comment before Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Ball Ping Hammer or Eureka

25 Jan

I finally believe that I am over the crummies.  I am still tired but, yesterday it felt as though someone had hit me in the gut and punched me in the left kidney.  I felt better once  the pain decided to take a vacation.  Having yogurt really helped of course it was a nut based yogurt.  The previous day it felt like someone was smacking me with a ball ping hammer at the base of my skull on the left side.   Not sure why my left side was taking such a beating.  Of course if anyone else gets “blessed” with this you may experience things differently.


I just want to add a link to a website that I read/follow

What makes you uncomfortable?  For me it is certain yoga poses and having to hold some for awhile ok it feels like forever. Just lets me know what I need to work on, keep pushing myself to hold it longer and also that I am a bit out of shape.

I am currently reading “The 100 Thing Challenge” by Dave Bruno yes it is a bit old 2010 but, still of interest in my quest/need to downsize and declutter and simplify even more.  So here is the deal my Eureka moment is this.   The first person to actually write a positive comment will receive the book once I am finished reading it.  So go comment and make some noise so to speak and do not forget to include what makes you uncomfortable.


Until next time.

Oh the weather outside is frightful (cue music)

23 Jan



Today we are getting up to a balmy and feeling like I need to break out my Bermuda shorts if I actually owned any our high today is 18 degrees.  For some folks this is warm compared to the negative degrees some folks are in right now.



Today my husband and I to quote “the Lorax ” by Dr. Seuss we have the crummies.  Both of us are not feeling at our best.  My husband actually stayed home from work today and for that to happen is quite impressive so he really is sick.


Me I am hanging in there but, still not feeling the best.  Had to take about a 2 hr. nap earlier today to even feel like I could make it through the rest of the day.


Today I had to wait until almost 10 am our time to give my sweet rabbit her run time.  Where I normally put her was very cold and in my opinion too cold for her to even set her paws down on.  Normally I put her in her run area around 7 am our time.  So this was quite late for her.


I even took pity on our feathered friends and gave them some food as well.




Plus since I am obsessed or would just really love to own a tiny house I am thrilled that Jay Shafer who started Tumbleweed Houses now has another company four lights houses another small house company with a few more designs.  Part of it is that it would really make me downsize a lot of my stuff even more and maybe even help my husband and daughter downsize as well.  Part of it is that I want to own a house without it owning me I do not want to own “the American Dream” house with its 1000 sq ft. plus size .  I just want a small house with 2 bedrooms or at the most 3 with a bath and a half at least.  I find that when two people are sick at the same time it is very helpful to have extra facilities.  Plus maybe having enough space that if I ever do have company over they have somewhere to sleep.


I really do not want to have the mortgage payments either.  I know that it is possible to pay off your mortgage early but, I just do not want to have to take out the loan and would rather pay cash if possible for the whole thing.  Not many folks can do that   I really just want to live as debt free as possible or at the very least whatever debt I take on I can pay off within the next month not spend years trying to pay things off.  Most people might be thinking wake up and smell the coffee or the humus or whatever but, I really want to make that happen not just for myself but, for my daughter and husband.  I really do not want them to have to worry about a student loan or whatever if I pass on sooner rather than later.

I am so excited I finally will be saying goodbye and see ya to my old desktop computer and monitor.  I cannot wait to take it to the recycling plant.  It will free up so much space and allow me to use my desk for actually writing on or at the very least give it to my husband to use as his computer desk.  Plus the next move will be a bit more of a breeze without too much heavy lifting on my part.   I really do not need a desk since I have a netbook so am very portable.  I love my netbook.  I wish computer companies would not axe them and make more  ah well.












Fire, Fire, Fire

22 Jan

Last Thursday we almost had a fire in our house.

No not due to having a fireplace.  Just due in part to my daughter and mine.

My daughter who is 3 1/2 years old likes to make “houses” by taking a chair (we only have chairs for the most part to sit on) and then using things to sort of “build a few walls and a door.  She used one of my ‘decorative” pillows to block up a side of the chair but, unfortunately this also put it very close to the heater.

It all began with me smelling something close to someone burning leaves and since I live within city limits this is to say  slightly illegal (but some rules and laws are meant to be broken)  I have before witnessed people burning brush in a more well to do neighborhood within the city ah well.  I did not realize that it was my favorite pillow (favorite because it had a fairy on it and was rather large and comfy for taking naps on) that was getting hot.  Once I realized what it was I immediately beat/furiously patted on it so that way in case anything was on fire under the cover.  Thankfully it was not.  Plus our apartment/duplex that we are renting is not exactly the most sealed so it tends to leak air a bit.


This could have gotten very bad rather quickly.  I would have been sad to see some of my material possessions gone but, the most awful thing would have been having to get a rabbit, my daughter, and  2 cats out ASAP or even losing them if the fire had spread quickly.

This was partly my fault for not realizing what was happening.

My daughter now understands that while the heaters are on (no central heat unfortunately) she cannot make her “houses” close to the heaters until we can turn them off for awhile.   I feel bad to have to put a damper on her creativity but, for all of our safety this has to be done.

The pillow is now in the trash because I did not want to save something that probably would smell really bad if we decided to hang on to it.

Thankfully everyone is fine and safe.

Friday, Friday, Friday

19 Jan

Thankfully it is Friday the sort of end of the work week for most folks.

For me it is just the end of yet another week of my husband working long hours, little to no breaks from my 3 year old who may or may not be driving me crazy depending upon her mood and the day of the week.   She is cute but, can be trying as well.   Do not get me wrong I love her sooo much but, she does tend to drive me a bit crazy.


At least this Friday is a much better Friday than last weeks.  Last Friday I spent part of the day fighting with my husbands health insurance people asking why a bill still has not been paid from October of last year and why I was still responsible for the charges.  Always fun hahaha.


Then I got a nasty phone call stating my name and that “I had been served”.  I was thinking what the f@*k does my Dr. have some creditors on speed dial and since I have not paid it yet.  I do not answer my phone if it is a number I do not recognize I personally love caller id.  Well whomever these people are they left me with a number to call back and a claim or account number.  I asked them what this was regarding the lady wanted to know if I had ever lived in a specific city and I told her no.  She did not answer my question and wanted to know if I wanted to leave it at that.  I said yes since my question was not answered.

After I hung up the account or claim number sounded familiar and these are the same people that prompted me to put a hold on all of my accounts.  Plus since I told them the last time they called me that my last name was X and that the person they were looking for gave them false information like my phone number.  They were looking for someone with my same first name and phone number but different last name .  Needless to say I now have a new phone number so I personally wish them well and pity the person who gets my old number.

Even though it has been a pain in the ass to notify folks of my new number it sure does beat changing my identity.  That would be hard to accomplish.

Hope you are having a good Friday.

Beauty and destruction

17 Jan


Today was our first ice storm of the season.  It is very pretty but, it is also destructive because sometimes the trees get so weak that they fall down because of the added weight.   It is really strange to hear the rain hit our air conditioning units and knowing that it will freeze soon.  This picture was taken with my cell phone and is part of my back yard and neighbors.

Today I also brought food out for our feathered friends so that way they can at least get some food.

The contrast is rather strange as well the ground is not very frozen and instead my backyard is swamp like since we have had a lot of rain lately but, the trees and anything above ground level that was not very warm is encased in ice.


Vegan accessories and clothes

16 Jan

This is the last in this series of being a vegan.

As for clothes well I usually prefer natural materials such as organic cotton, hemp and bamboo.  It feels great and lets your skin breathe plus, it will bio degrade with time.

As for accessories I have a few favorites such as Gunas, and Matt and  Nat.  I also like alternative outfitters for boots and other shoes that I might need.  Also Mooshoes is great as well.

As for jackets well I choose vintage granted it is almost always never vegan but, I have to say giving a second life to a wool jacket for me is great because it doubles as a very warm coat and as protection against the rain.  Some vegans do not have issues with vintage or second hand things others do.  I personally do not have any problems with it and heck it sure beats buying something new in my opinion.

If you need ideas or further information I would read “Skinny Bitch or Skinny Bastard” very blunt about our food supply, the horrors that go into slaughter for both workers and animals.  “Skinny Bitch Home, Beauty, and Style” , Also “The Vegan Girls Guide to Life” (I had no idea that if I wanted to get inked that some used animal byproducts yuck  until I read this).  There are other books of course that you can read such as “The China Study”, “The Jungle” , “Animal Farm”, etc.  There are many books regarding Veganism you just have to look and find what interests you and what you like.  Plus there are a lot of things on the internet regarding blogs, recipes, etc.

Hope this helps and gives you a few suggestions along with some info.