Happy Holidays

21 Dec

I will be taking a little break for the holidays and might get back to it later next week or even after the first of the year.  Not sure it just depends on how lazy I decide to be.

I hope everyone has a Happy and Joyous Holiday Season.  Stay safe, happy, and healthy.

I will be celebrating our Christmas tomorrow for a few reasons.  Usually my husband is on call during the holidays and plus this way we can have a bit of calm and quiet before we have to make the grandparents happy and exchange gifts with just the 6 of us granted 2 are cats and one is our rabbit.  Plus I can have a chance to have a bit of a lighter vegan holiday feast.  Truth be told I am really wanting to give my daughter her presents and I really hope she likes them.  My daughter is getting a book from an author that she fell in love with and actually was the first book I ever read to her.   She will also be getting something that she needs in the way of clothes.  Unfortunately kids outgrow just about everything in almost the blink of an eye.  My husbands gift is a book he has been wanting.  Very simple gifts.

What will your feast include?   How will you be celebrating the holidays?


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