19 Dec

As many people are rushing to the malls or big box stores to finish and panic to get that last minute gift or holiday bauble for decorating.  I have been just quietly sitting back and watching all the madness.  This is not meant to thumb my nose at people who are doing this it is more of a question of why and maybe add some things that might help.

For starters I got started early and therefore finished early.   I did most of my shopping on line even though I was wanting to get most things local but, was unable to find what I wanted to get certain folks.  I also set a budget and did not use any high interest plastic for my gifts.  The only plastic I used was my debit card and then the rest was paid in cash.

I have been surprised but, not by much at how this has affected most people.  Many or at least the ones I have seen and come across in various shopping centers have had a frown on their faces.  I try to smile back at these folks but, many have not smiled back.  Granted they are probably stressed out.

I have had my own bit of stress as well especially when it comes to trying to coordinate my 3 year old daughter spending time with her grandmother and gand  in laws.

I have been a bit concerned by the amount of spending and getting that has even affected my daughter who at present wants just about everything she sees much to my great annoyance especially when you try so hard to lead by example and not have so much stuff and just the number of things in your house can be overwhelming.  I personally hope that my daughter is not disappointed by the lack of what she is getting.  I hope she remembers spending time in the kitchen with me baking cookies and decorating the tree instead.

For me I will always cherish the memories of the holiday season and not the stuff.  Personally I could not tell you what my husband has gotten me as gifts the past few years that we have been together I just remember spending time with him and then our daughter when she was born.  Those are what I cherish the most.

What about you what do you cherish the most or remember the best/most about the holidays?


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