Before the Covid 19 virus had everyone stay at home in the US

3 Apr

I realize that most people now are either out of work or working from home now. We are all trying to find a new normal especially if you have kid(s) at home and are now doing their school work online or remotely.

I had to say good bye to my last cat (because I found out I am allergic to cats but, they were already family and loved). She was not grooming herself anymore and was yowling. I thought she was just ill. I took her to the vet where they did a blood test on her to find out that she was in stage 3 of her kidneys shutting down. They could try to “restart” her kidneys with IV and other fluids but, if she did not respond then well…….you get the idea. Plus if she did respond to the treatment it would only at most give her a few days to a few weeks. I made the very tough, very hard, and very heart breaking decision to let her pass peacefully in hopefully a bit less pain than she was in.

She passed away on Monday March 20, 2020. i just want to share a few pictures of her when she was not ill. I also discovered that she was 17 years old I thought she was only 14. Her kidney failure was due to her age. It really is a drag getting old.

This last picture of her is with her favorite toy. She used to “bring” it to me and put it beside the bed. So sweet. I miss her daily. I miss brushing her hair as I brushed mine and helping her work out her anger issues by biting the bristles of my brush. I miss her sleeping beside my pillow at night. I miss petting her. I miss her laying on my lap. I just miss everything about her.

The only companion animal I have left is miss Noel the star of this blog. It is somewhat depressing.

Being kind

15 Mar

I realize that right now at least in the US and other parts of the world there have been a lot closings, delays, and cancellations. We all need to be patient and kind to ourselves and others. It is not X persons fault that it is no longer available or closed, or delayed.

My daughters school has closed and she will be doing her assignments remotely. I do realize that this may be tougher for some people than others. It might not be convenient, be annoying, etc. BE Patient.

Please be kind and patient regardless of race, creed, color, or religion. I recently saw a headline where a few people were viciously attacked just for wearing a mask on the New York subway. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT those that were attacked are infected with COVID 19. They were probably just trying to be a bit more proactive and to protect themselves and to protect themselves possibly from others.

We need to remember our past history with different diseases that have affected our world the Black Plague, Scarlet and Yellow Fever, the Flue epidemics, Polio, and others that I cant remember. I do realize that there is a huge difference between now and then like population density, and travel etc. How people responded and dealt with these diseases is also different.

WE DO NOT NEED any more reasons to be mean or unkind to each other. There is more than enough hate and unkindness in the world with out adding to more excuses or even using this latest world crises as one to spread more hate and violence.

Last thing I encourage people to stop hoarding the Toilet Paper there is enough for everyone to have it.

Please watch or listen to Depeche Modes People are People on youtube.

Been awhile

21 Nov

I am happy to report that I am feeling and doing much better since my fall. My knee has been the slowest to heal up but, it is a lot better. All of my swelling has gone down. A vegan diet has certainly helped in that department. Plus I found some CBD cream to put on my knee at night and that seems to help as well.

Since we skipped fall and went straight into winter. I made a soup using different types of canned beans (yes I was lazy). I used pinto, kidney, garbanzo, black, and white northern beans plus one other. I used a carton of white miso broth, some smoked tofu, and various spices. I also added some green kale as well it was a very tasty and hearty.

What are your plans for the holiday? We are probably going to have take away pizza, make our own or I might make something else. We will have some sweet potatoes, some small oven roasted potatoes, a pumpkin tart, and some green beans. I love being vegan and just deciding to do whatever for the holiday without feeling like we have to do the “traditional” holiday meal.

Enjoy your holiday and remember to think outside of the traditional holiday things if you want to.


30 Aug

Yesterday on Wednesday I was talking with a woman who had fallen either in December of last year or January of this year. She had fallen and broken her femur in two places. I told her about my fall and she saw my knee and told me that “it looks really bad”. It made me just feel that all the little victories that I have gone through to feel better and even be able to tie up my own shoes even just a little bit seem not that important or even just less. I was so discouraged.

I have been trying to get in touch with my daughters doctor regarding a medication she is on. She has been having some rather bad side effects. So every time the doctor calls me back it is always after hours and at a number I cant reach them back at. We have been playing phone tag for almost a week now. That was very annoying for me.

My daughter decided to yell at me because I was trying to make sure she had studied for a test that she has on Friday. We have a rule that homework comes before hanging out with friends. It just made me feel even lower.

I have also been missing my cat who passed away last year. There are just little things I miss like the fact that she would always go after bugs.that were in the house. Plus my other cat was looking at my sweet Noel who is pictured above as something to either attack, play with, or eat. I thought she was about to do what my husband and I called the flying Wevel attack. My cat who passed away was on the top of the cat tower and jumped down on top of my other cat and when she realized it was the wrong cat she started licking his face. It was really sweet and I think an apology for attacking him instead of the cat she really wanted to. I started to laugh and felt like crying again because it was something she used to do.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”-Hippocrates

27 Aug

This was my ankle after a serious fall about 2 weeks ago on Friday. I also sprained or strained my other ankle and skinned up my knee on the right side along with it being just swollen in general. The reason for this post is to wonder what happened to people helping others? I was in another persons yard and there were people across from this yard. I was trying to get someone to help me. I did not want to yell too loud because I was in such pain that I was afraid I would start to scream and cry and not be able to stop. NO ONE helped me instead I had someone ask me what I was doing in so and so’s yard. I did not reply because I was again trying not to scream and cry plus was wanting to assess just how badly I was hurt from one misstep. I also had a large truck drive up the side of the road the same side I was sitting on, trying to flag them down and get help from them. They did not stop of course. I had no choice and no phone but to limp my way home. I was in such pain that I thought long and hard about sitting down on the curb but, was afraid I would not be able to get up. If it was not for a friend arriving back home and seeing the state I was in. She helped me the best way she could to get me home the rest of the way.

If this happens to you I guess in the long run to he** what people will think and go for the screaming and crying just to hopefully get someone to help you. If this happens to someone that you dont know please do all you can to help them. Whether it is calling a friend or just helping them get home. It is worth it.

A few things that have helped me besides something for the pain. I have been eating a lot of turmeric or things with turmeric in them. It is a good anti inflammatory, and antioxidant. I have been using arnica for bruising. I have been wrapping my knee and ankles with red cabbage leaves because it is anti inflammatory and antioxidant. It seems to help with the bruising and helped them heal a lot faster than with just the arnica. There is still swelling in my ankles but, at least now I can walk a bit better without a cane. I can go up stairs without pain. Going down stairs is still a challenge. I can also get up off the floor without the use of a cane as well. I am thankful for each improvement no matter how small and it is the little things we take for granted that I hope to appreciate in the future. I still cant put on a pair of shoes without making sure they are as loose as possible.

Notre Dame

17 Apr

As most people know Notre Dame in Paris caught fire and it is a huge blow to not only a historic landmark but, to Paris, France, and Catholics. I am extremely grateful that my daughter and I were able to see Notre Dame whole and complete with the spire up on top as it should be.

If you would like to help here is a link and it is a 501c3 and all donations will be tax deductible. or just go to Friends of Notre Dame here

Here is another link to give you a very brief history of why this building is so important to Paris, to France, to history and to Catholics.

If these links do not work let me know and I will do my best to fix it.
Please consider donating to help with the restoration of this beautiful building even $5 would help whatever you can afford to give.

Thank you so much.

VMR and my beauty routine

21 Feb

As some of you know my husband has Vaso Motor Rhinitis which to me basically means that he is allergic to everything that smells great to most of the rest of the world. Just a small list of things he is allergic to in no particular order….aloe vera, lavender, hickory, chocolate etc.

So this is my skin care routine and some of the products that I use. Every morning I wash my face with water using a Konjac sponge you can use a facial cleanser as well but, I just use warm water. I then use wheat germ oil on my face it moisturizes and has a natural spf of 15 so to a small point my skin is protected from the sun. I then use a vegan blush and wet and wild shimmer palette. For my eyes I use the two faced chocolate bar 16 shimmer and matte shade pallet. I also use my Aveda brown mascara if it is not snowing or raining. Then I am done. I dont put much on and during the summer I normally skip the eye shadow and will wear my 100 percent pure eyeliner and am done. I will wear either a nice red shade of lip gloss or a pink.

In the evening I wash my face with an unscented soap yes, I did say soap. I will use either almond oil or hemp oil on my face and around my eyes.

Once a month I will use my gua sha facial massager I find that it helps with wrinkles, fine lines, and helps to tone your face up. I do this for about 8 minutes on my face. I will also use Aztec secret Indian Healing clay it will also help to tighten up and tone your face as well and is great for a deep cleans. I leave the clay on until I try to smile and it feels really tight or just hard to do. I will if I have extra add it to my hair for a deep conditioning, neck and upper chest area. I also use left over coffee grounds to gently exfoliate my face. I put the extra coffee grounds that I can never seem to get out of our coffee grinder in a mortar and pestle to make sure they are really extra fine and ground up even more. I then put these in a small bowl with some olive oil and mix the two together I rub it on to my face and neck and leave on for about five minutes before rinsing off normally in the shower and if I have extra I use that next time I shower.

If you have acne prone skin or sensitive skin most I believe will work for sensitive skin but for acne I have no clue.

I use oatmeal soap on my body and dr. bronners castile soap baby unscented to wash my hair. I use it because it is vegan, unscented, has a good lather and seems to work with my hair. Plus I can get it refilled at my local coop. If my skin is particularly dry I use an unscented lotion, body butter, or even olive oil.

If I decide to color my hair or dye it I use light mountain henna of whatever shade is for you or manic panic is vegan as well and I use that for a bit more colorful colors.

Most of these things you can find on amazon, 100 percent pure website, Aveda’s website, Sephora’s website, for the facial massager, and for my lip glosses try they are long lasting so you can eat and drink to your hearts content without needing to reapply. The hair dye manic or a wild oats will have the light mountain henna.

Most of the things I use are vegan or at least cruelty free which is great.

One last recommendation if you are in need of a comfortable shirt/s to wear with leggings that will pass dress codes for school or work. I found these on amazon search for womens shirt dress. They are supper long in the back so it has your butt well covered, and is long enough in the front with a high low style to cover your belly and the other bits all without having to find a Victorian dress to wear and far more comfortable.

Why am I recommending a lot of stuff on line or from amazon well I am not allowed to go into the mall because they have a lot of “stinky” stuff that my husband is allergic to and I cant wear perfume.

Why did I recommend the chocolate bar eye shadow pallet? Yes my husband is allergic to chocolate but, I am not and it is one of the few things that I fought and demanded to have. I gave up everything else so this is one thing I put my foot down on. Plus who can resist the smell of chocolate and this pallet smells Amazing.

For coats I recommend Scotty Vest. They are all vegan and have a ton of pockets plus if you travel or even occasionally travel even better.

For vegan handbags I recommend Gunas, Corkor, Arden Cove, and Angela Roi.

Hope this helps if you are allergic to certain things or have VMR or are living with someone who has VMR.

Pet Loss Resources

1 Dec

Here are a few resources to help folks with the loss of a companion animal no matter what type it is in no particular order…,,,,,

There are also some great memorial jewelry or key chains or whatever available on Amazon. Just search your type of animal for example dog memorial jewelry or whatever you are interested in. I hope this helps everyone in their grieving process. My daughter and I found a few urn necklaces where we can always keep a piece of her with us. I think it will help us to remember her and always keep her with us. It may seem morbid but, I really dont care what folks might think. Just a small tip if you do go with some type of mini urn get some blue lock tight to put on the screw. This way it will be really hard to open it and no worries about it opening and spilling ash all over you if that is how you choose to deal with the remains of your companion.

Yesterday was a bit difficult since we got Sin’s remains back. We got her paw print and they even managed to get some of her claws in the print too. It was really sweet and a great keepsake. We also got her ashes back inside the cherry wood box which my daughter picked out. It almost feels as though she is back home and in a way I guess that she is. The house doesnt feel as empty either. I still miss her and still cry too. Her ashes came with a Certificate of Cremation and a booklet on Understanding your feelings.

I hope this and the resources listed above help folks to heal and grieve. It takes time to get over a loss and to grieve do not rush it.


29 Nov

On Sunday early morning I lost one of our beloved cats Sin pronounced Shin. She was a beloved member of my life, has seen me at my best and worst in life. She was there for so many things both big and small through parts of my life. She has been there for the ups and downs of my life along with the small every day events to the big events. She was there when I met my husband and when we got married. She was there at the birth of my daughter. Now she is gone I will never pet her again. I will never hear her purr (she rarely purred and when we were able to get her to it was both an honor and special). I will never have her sleep with me. I will never hear her vocalizations to let me know she is hungry. I MISS her so MUCH and even though my husband has a lot of stuff, my daughter and I have our things the house feels so empty without her. She was a great cat and I know that there will never be another one like her. I know she is in a better place and with time hopefully the rest of our family will be too. My other cat knows she is gone but, I do not think she realizes or maybe she does that Sin is not coming back.

We had her cremated and had her remains put in a beautiful cherry wood box. We also get her paw print which will be a wonderful thing to have.

As she was dying she was laying on my husband and was making these soft vocalizations almost meows. I am not sure if she was telling us good bye, that she was in pain or what. We were trying to keep her warm having no idea that she was shutting down. As I type this up it has been difficult not to bawl my eyes out. This will also be almost my last cat as well. For various reasons.

I did find a book at the library called The grief recovery handbook for pet loss by Russell Friedman, Cole James and John W. James. I have only gotten through the first chapter but, if anyone else has read this book let me know if it helped you. If you have lost a companion animal aka pet recently then I encourage you to pick up this book at your local library, bookstore or online.

Sin will be greatly missed and was greatly loved and spoiled rotten.

I saw yesterday a womans post on facebook about emotional abuse

12 Oct

I really saw it on yahoo. It was very eye opening. So I want to continue it a little bit more.

He doeesnt hit you but, he isolates you from your friends and family. He makes it almost impossible for you to have let alone make new friends.

He doesnt hit you but, you always have to be home before he gets home otherwise he calls you and wants to know where you are even though you may have just told him where you are and that you will be home in 20 minutes. Its not enough he will come and get you.

He doesnt hit you but, you cant go anywhere for help because you dont fit into the physical abuse to even go to a shelter even though you may really want to.

He doesnt hit you but, you really want to end the relationship but, feel powerless and helpless because you have a child or not enough money.

If this is you then we really need to have a serious discussion and maybe even support each other. I realize that not all men do this and that even men can go through this.