Worn Soundtrack

28 May

Have you ever had a tape or even older school yet a record that you just played over and over again until it either squeaked or just kept getting stuck?
I have had that happen except since I was having a bad day yesterday this record was stuck to the “bad” and hurtful things we tell ourselves sometimes on a daily basis. Mine kept playing over the stuff my parents have told me that admittedly are not nice things to hear ever along with the lovely thing my husband told me a few short six months ago. I do not know why these things keep popping up when I am at my lowest to make me feel even worse and then the tears keep coming.
I am better now but, it always seems to take awhile for me to fully feel more like myself or maybe it is just from the lack of sleep.
Does anyone have any theories as to why these things pop up when we seem to be at our lowest in life? Or is it just one of those things?

On a more positive note our vacation is coming up soon and I for one am looking forward to just having a few things to carry around with us instead of all the stuff that we have at home. It will be nice to just have a break and see my dad and maybe a few relatives here and there. I know my daughter is getting excited as well of course that could be because school will be ending soon.

Busy day

21 May

Yesterday was a busy day for us. My daughter did not have school since it was a voting day. So instead we went to visit my mom since my daughter has not seen her since spring break. I also had to run an errand as well. It took a long time in the car and I was sick of being in the car.
We came back home and my daughter wanted to ride her bike so I let her do that then she wanted to play with some friends. I let her do that after she did her homework.
Then another friend of hers invited her to go swimming for about an hour so I took her over to her friends. Since she has not been in the pool very much she was freaking out a bit so I asked her if she would feel better if I joined her in the pool she said yes so I put on a swimsuit. I have not worn one in years and got into the rather chilly water. It was not too bad once you moved around. Then we came back home and had dinner. I was hungry but, could not decide what I wanted to eat. So I ended up with a bowl of noodles with some garlic and olive oil on them. Vegan and keeps vampires and your husband away bonus lol.
Our daughter had left over nachos there was enough for one.

Today I have yoga class free at the library and I will return a movie I have had on my Amazon wish list that I got to watch for free without having to buy it. I love free things and also not buying more stuff/clutter. It is so much fun.

Still waiting on being able to sell the things I made at the farmers market. At least once my mother returns from vacation back to work she said she would sell some of my lotion bars. YEA! I have not been having much luck.

Since my daughter is back in school it is a bit more mellow day. I get to watch the chipmunk freak out and forage in the yard since my husband mowed it last night. I am also getting a load of laundry done and am able to hang it up outside to dry. Even better. I also got my chores done and went for a walk this morning.

Do you love free or at least frugal things? What do you like best? Saving money? Doing something you normally wouldnt do? Let me know.


19 May

School is winding down here and there is that to keep me busy along with wracking my brain on how to keep a now six year old entertained for the rest of the summer. Camps are an option but expensive. My mom was willing to pay for swimming lessons but, the problem is that the session that she needs to be in will be happening while we are on vacation so that is pretty much not an option. It stinks. She is also really needing to learn how to swim. I hope that I can teach her myself at the local (expensive) aquatic center. Since we do not have a membership it is rather expensive to get into the center per day so we will see what we can do.

One of my cats has been doing a Houdini act and disappearing somewhere in the house. Thankfully today my husband discovered her hiding place. I can never seem to find her and she never responds to “Here kitty, kitty” or her name. It can be very frustrating and annoying for me. She has decided that hiding on the bottom book shelf is the place to go. So now at least I know where to look for her.

Our vacation is coming up and I am looking forward to being a tourist, relaxing, spending quality time with my dad and daughter, and just having fun with no schedule or really set agenda of things to do. It will be nice.

I am still without my own computer but, that is fine for now. I may get tired of using my husbands machine but, for now I will continue to use his computer. It is free and heck if it breaks or something else happens it will not be my fault.

I do have a good book recommendation the title is “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande. It is a good book to read for yourself or if you have aging parents and you need to start or have those difficult conversations with them. It has a few good questions to ask and might just help. I encourage folks to use their local library for all books but, failing that then book stores, online book sellers, ebooks, or other places to get books work. I just try to be as cheap and frugal as possible.

I also hope that all mothers out there had a great mothers day I know I am very late on this but, a lot has been going on.

Trucking along

23 Apr

Still borrowing/using my husbands computer. I still have no computer of my own per se but, hope to change that sometime in June.

Yesterday my husband was mowing our lawn. It was a bit high and thick the grass. He notices something jump and thinks it is a frog in our yard. So he keeps going and then it jumps again this time he notices that it is a bit more fluffy and fuzzy than a frog. It was a young rabbit that decided to squeeze itself into a very tiny space in between our front steps. He then wakes me up saying that it is rather cold outside and that the rabbits ears are cold. I told him to leave it alone that mom would be back for it. A lot of wild animals do not need our “help” instead they just need some time to relax and stay under cover. They might only need our help if injured. Our little friend went on his merry way sometime last night. No worries. Our little friend was just hanging out I think and believe until mom got back to let him/her know it was ok to move, go home or go to this great place that has a great salad bar lol. I was shocked since my husband is allergic to rabbits and he was being really sweet and nice. I am still trying to figure out who this person is. He has not been a huge fan of Noel but, has lived/dealt with it for me and our daughter.

I finally so far finished making the stuff for my business. I made the lotion bars. They smell great and absorb into your skin really well. I also made the chocolate lip balm. This is the BEST lip balm that I have ever used. I know I might seem slightly prejudice since I did make this but, I have tried a lot of lip balms out there and this is the best one. I love how my lips feel. I hope to post pictures at some point of my different products. Next on the list is some regular soap and then if I can some baby soap/shampoo for kids/babies if I get enough people wanting it.

I took a picture of my two cats in close proximity to each other. It was surprising since usually when they are close to each other there is usually chasing and hissing.

I read the book The life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo. I love and have been deciding on what I love and want to keep in my life. Life is too short to keep things you do not love in your life. I have managed to get rid of at least one box of stuff with more to go along with a lot of clothes mainly of my daughters and a few things from my husband. I have been tidying off and on for awhile so we will see what happens and how much more I get rid of.

Have a good week.

Alas my poor computer

14 Apr

My computer hard drive decided that it was time to say good bye so I no longer have a computer that is “mine” to use. I am currently using my husbands chrome book. I hate it because I do not like people knowing what sites I choose to visit or not.

Plus last week my daughter came down with bronchitis and two ear infections. Poor kid. Then my allergies decided to go haywire and I started coughing (thinking it was part of my allergies) I have bronchitis as well. I am feeling much better and not coughing so much that I either feel like I will be puking my guts out or donating a lung to science. I was coughing so hard. It really stank. I was also running a rather high fever so knew I was in trouble.

I had taken pictures of my beautiful tulips with my phone but, since my computer decided to die I have no real way of posting my pictures. Sorry folks that will have to wait for a bit.

Spring has finally sprung

8 Apr

Spring is here. Yeah and boo. Yeah because that means warmer days without having to wear a parka out or having anymore snow. Boo because I am currently sick. I have the worst allergies and sinus infection going on. So I have been coughing up yuck and blowing my nose constantly it seems. I had to cancel my dental appointment so not sure when I will be rescheduling that since I am so miserable and running a fever.

Last week my daughter was on spring break and was ill the whole time poor kid. Her birthday was also during this time. She had a not so great birthday due to being ill. She did get a lot of cool stuff from the grandparents. More clothes than I know what to do with. She also got a couple of Monster High dolls and then I took her to Kmart to choose a doll that she wanted and we found a Monster High backpack/purse for her as well. She also got a few other things from us as well.

Of course my car decides to be an issue for me as well last week. I got stuck with getting the Serpentine belt changed and of course my husband does not tell me that there are two. I also had to wait an extra day for parts to come in. Then while getting the belts changed one of the belts is old so that has to be swapped out. GRRRRRR all while my daughter is not feeling great.

Thursday while we are having more rain than strictly necessary we normally for the whole month of April get a little over 3 inches we got over 5 inches in two days. I wanted the car Thursday to run errands and just goof off with our daughter. After dropping my husband off for work the car makes a clunk sound and being surrounded by other cars I was not sure if it was ours or not then it starts to smoke a lot(thankfully it was raining). So I call my husband to see what he wants me to do he says to take it to a repair shop that I was not too far from. It turns out that the coolant cap had come undone on the car somehow. More time waiting in a repair shop and being bored out of our minds. Of course I call my mom who is most annoyed that we are getting together Thursday instead of Friday since it interrupts her schedule. Oh well, what can I do?

Hope your week is full of less drama.


25 Mar

Yesterday I actually had the car so had to drive into the next town to go to the Goodwill (not to buy) but, to get rid of some clothing that gasp my husband (who never seems to get rid of anything) put in the box along with some of my daughters clothes that she has out grown. I also got rid of a few pictures that I have had up on my walls ages ago but, have not put up for almost 10 years so it was time to say good bye to them.
On my way back home I was driving along and saw two doe’s running across the road acting like they were being chased by something big and scary. I immediately back off my accelerator and started to hit the brakes a bit. The black car in front of me and a bit down the road does not even bother to slow down. I really thought that they were going to hit one of the poor doe’s and in fact they did or maybe she just hit there car with her head. She was slightly dazed but, able to run off. As I got closer to where they crossed the road I did slow down to make sure nothing else was coming down from this hill. The crazy thing about this whole incident is that it was the middle of the day. I am not used to seeing deer until either around sunset or if I happen to be up around sunrise.
We got a letter recently from ABCBS stating that they believe that our daughters information has been compromised. So fun. I did immediately sign her up for the id protection service for two years that ABCBS will be paying for and personally they should. I did try to go to the big threes websites to put a freeze and see about a fraud alert. This was pretty much a waste of time since my daughter is a minor I have to write a letter along with other documentation and send it in to them.
My daughter attended her second birthday party this past weekend. It was a pool party. She had a blast and I am really proud of her for getting back in the pool after she freaked out about being in the pool she does not know yet how to swim. We will be fixing that soon.
Been getting rid of more stuff. It has been liberating. I plan on having a certain box with DVDs that my husband said he wanted to go through but has yet to do of mine. I will do that next week when my daughter is off for spring break.


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