Swizzle stick

15 Jul

We had our first counseling meeting and afterwards my brain felt like it had been stirred with a swizzle stick. Just having all that stuff dregged up again really just was not fun. I feel that at least we have made a bit of progress. I still feel like we have a long way to go though no quick fix here folks sorry. I had a serious headache and felt like my brain was about to explode but, then again it might have had to do with the high humidity here. Walking outside was so fun I felt like I was in a sauna without the towel.

My daughter is enjoying her summer camp. She has made glow in the dark bubbles so fun, blubber (unfortunately does not make the car float darn it), blowing up watermelons and even doing some chemistry I love my geeky girl and love that she is having so much fun. Plus as an added bonus I get some time to myself without constant interruptions and other fun things.

I am now taking steps to simplify my life. I have been getting rid of some books after I have read them. Ok right now they are sitting in a box to be gotten rid of in one fell swoop plus I get more money instead of doing it piecemeal. I have also put dates on at least two of my boxes so they have 6 months for me to either get in the box or it is out of here. I will go through the box because I think it has my obligatory 7 year income tax returns that we are forced to save in case of the dreaded Audit. Important papers will be the only things saved from this box.

Tonight I get to make my own hulla hoop at the library. So fun.
What fun things have you done lately?

Happy 4th

2 Jul

If you are in the US we celebrate the 4th of July. Please use caution with fireworks and children. Even sparklers can cause serious burns.
Things have been going a bit better. My daughter got grounded for 3 days because she rode her bike on a busy street, spent $16 that was not hers to spend, and lied. She was not allowed to play with her “friend” for those 3 days. Other than that bit of excitement not much else is new. We did camp out in the backyard and it was a lot of fun.
What are your plans for the 4th if any?

Vacation and other news

22 Jun

We went to go visit my dad spend some time with him, to relax, and not have a lot of drama to deal with. We went to the arboretum to see a new exhibit of tropical plants. We also went to the zoo to see some new animals and revisit our favorites.
On our trip leaving to go visit my dad aka my daughters grandpa. My daughter wanted to wear some perfume to smell good for her grandpa. I had no idea she was going to spray it in the house but, she did and apparently the scent clung to the couch and one of the air purifiers. My husband was mad to say the least. So I decided not to call him while we were on vacation.
While coming back our flight was delayed and asked my dad to call my husband to let him know what was going on. Then we left earlier than expected but, I refused to call my husband. Once we arrived and I knew my husband would not be there to pick us up I decided to call my dad to let him know we had made it. My dad tells me that he spoke with my mom and she told him what my husband told her my in laws believe that my husband should throw me out, that I never cook for him and that he hates my cooking. He said that he wanted custody of our daughter and that he would fight me for custody.
I was shocked and really upset. We have agreed to try counseling but, I am not sure how to fix something this broken or if this can even be fixed.
I have been making plans either way. I am trying to possibly get a job teaching English overseas and I splurged and got both of us some luggage that will stand out. My daughter got Darth Vader and I got R2D2.

3 months

1 Jun

The past 3 months have been difficult in terms of the relationship I am in.  It has been hard.

In May I fell in the parking lot of my daughters school after volunteering.  I had to leave early because my debit card numbers got stolen and used to pay someones bills  and purchases.  It is now straightened out and I have all my funds back which is great.  I was in a really good mood after being around “normal” people where wearing scents and other nice smelling and maybe not so nice smelling scents and not feeling guilty or it being seen as wrong.   I fell but did not break anything which was good.  My glasses even survived without a scratch.  I wanted to cry but, had at that point was out of tears even after falling.  I almost lost it when a woman witnessed my fall and came up to me to make sure I was alright.  She wanted to give me a hug I could not handle someone being nice to me and sympathetic.

My relationship is hopefully getting better.  My partner has gone in for allergy testing so I really hope this helps.  It at least helps to know what he is or is not allergic to.  He is deathly allergic to Hickory of all things and moderately allergic to rabbit and cat.  Finally he can shut the snot up about being deathly allergic to Noel.  He will be getting treated for his allergies.  I really hope it works.

I also managed to piss off my mother in law.  She gave her daughter a very expensive chair that she left in our garage and did not get rid of when she moved out about 2 years ago.  Since then I have asked very politely for her to take it in her truck and dispose of it and she always has an excuse of one or the other.  So I asked a friend with a truck if we could take it to her farm and put it in their dumpster.  We did that but, she called me later that day saying I had no right and told me to come get it and take it to the dump myself.  She also told me that she would be at my house every day with 4-5 bags of garbage for me to get rid of .  Now my question is how 3 people who are barely home because they work long hours can produce that much garbage in a day?   It baffles me.

Mother’s Day

10 May

Happy belated Mother’s day to all the hard working moms out there! I hope everyone was treated well on our special day.
My daughter made me breakfast, made a banner for me and with the help of my husband hung it up. She even pampered me by giving me a foot soak, painting my toes and doing my hair. It was a great way to feel special. My husband got up before me and made coffee and fed part of our hungry fur babies. It was nice to not have to do so much or at least not the normal things I usually do. I even slept in and that was really nice.
We went out to eat the day before because we were not sure how crowded it would be so I even got my Indian food fix at least for now. Plus as a bonus I even got to have leftovers on Mother’s Day.

Baby Im A Star

23 Apr

Once again the music industry has lost another music icon. It really stinks.
Prince’s music was what I grew up with and listening to his music was really great. His song “Baby I’m a Star” was what helped me to get through my darker times as a teenager and even now as I go through a rough patch in my relationship. It helps me to remember that I am a star. It helps me to dance and puts a smile on my face. I was jamming to a few of his more well known songs on youtube like “Little Red Corvette”, “Purple Rain”, “Raspberry Beret”, “1999” and others. Plus I was able to catch the video of him kicking Kim Kardashian off the stage I was cheering him. Sorry not a Kardashian fan.
He may have been an a**hole but, what guy isnt? Plus I can say the same for women too what woman isn’t a b***h? We all have our days of being complete jerks. Call it what you want to hormomes, or just having a bad day.
He died too young and too soon but, he died doing what he loved best and not many people can say that. He will be missed.


14 Apr

April has been the month of Birthdays. Several young girls that my daughter knows had birthdays this month. One even had hers on the same day as my daughter so they had a joint birthday party. It was super cool for us because all her friends were there. She got some really nice gifts. I gave her a Darth Vader purse that she wanted and something she needed. The experience gift will have to wait for a bit and that is fine. It is more on her schedule of when she wants to do it.
She is wanting to discontinue her Tae Kwan Do and I am not happy but, I will not keep her or make her stay in something she is no longer interested in. Even if it means she will not get her next belt.
I finally got caught up in balancing my checkbook. Yes, I am still old school and prefer to have a paper trail when I pay bills.
Spring has returned I was recently checked out by a honey bee. She was super curious about me for some reason. I recently conditioned my hair but, still do not feel that I smell like a flower. I am not allergic to bee stings but, she was getting a bit too close to my ears and I really had no desire to have a bee get stuck in my hair while trying to get close to my ear. So I basically resorted to a bit of girlie action by waving my hands around. It seems to have worked because she wandered off. I know she was just trying to decide if I was a flower or not I was wearing a purple shirt but, still it is a bit weird. I just hope the warmer weather lasts this time. We have been in a weird flux being either hot, cold, or cold and windy or cold with rain/snow and frost.

Hope spring has sprung where you are and that you are having some warmth.


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