Alas my poor computer

14 Apr

My computer hard drive decided that it was time to say good bye so I no longer have a computer that is “mine” to use. I am currently using my husbands chrome book. I hate it because I do not like people knowing what sites I choose to visit or not.

Plus last week my daughter came down with bronchitis and two ear infections. Poor kid. Then my allergies decided to go haywire and I started coughing (thinking it was part of my allergies) I have bronchitis as well. I am feeling much better and not coughing so much that I either feel like I will be puking my guts out or donating a lung to science. I was coughing so hard. It really stank. I was also running a rather high fever so knew I was in trouble.

I had taken pictures of my beautiful tulips with my phone but, since my computer decided to die I have no real way of posting my pictures. Sorry folks that will have to wait for a bit.

Spring has finally sprung

8 Apr

Spring is here. Yeah and boo. Yeah because that means warmer days without having to wear a parka out or having anymore snow. Boo because I am currently sick. I have the worst allergies and sinus infection going on. So I have been coughing up yuck and blowing my nose constantly it seems. I had to cancel my dental appointment so not sure when I will be rescheduling that since I am so miserable and running a fever.

Last week my daughter was on spring break and was ill the whole time poor kid. Her birthday was also during this time. She had a not so great birthday due to being ill. She did get a lot of cool stuff from the grandparents. More clothes than I know what to do with. She also got a couple of Monster High dolls and then I took her to Kmart to choose a doll that she wanted and we found a Monster High backpack/purse for her as well. She also got a few other things from us as well.

Of course my car decides to be an issue for me as well last week. I got stuck with getting the Serpentine belt changed and of course my husband does not tell me that there are two. I also had to wait an extra day for parts to come in. Then while getting the belts changed one of the belts is old so that has to be swapped out. GRRRRRR all while my daughter is not feeling great.

Thursday while we are having more rain than strictly necessary we normally for the whole month of April get a little over 3 inches we got over 5 inches in two days. I wanted the car Thursday to run errands and just goof off with our daughter. After dropping my husband off for work the car makes a clunk sound and being surrounded by other cars I was not sure if it was ours or not then it starts to smoke a lot(thankfully it was raining). So I call my husband to see what he wants me to do he says to take it to a repair shop that I was not too far from. It turns out that the coolant cap had come undone on the car somehow. More time waiting in a repair shop and being bored out of our minds. Of course I call my mom who is most annoyed that we are getting together Thursday instead of Friday since it interrupts her schedule. Oh well, what can I do?

Hope your week is full of less drama.


25 Mar

Yesterday I actually had the car so had to drive into the next town to go to the Goodwill (not to buy) but, to get rid of some clothing that gasp my husband (who never seems to get rid of anything) put in the box along with some of my daughters clothes that she has out grown. I also got rid of a few pictures that I have had up on my walls ages ago but, have not put up for almost 10 years so it was time to say good bye to them.
On my way back home I was driving along and saw two doe’s running across the road acting like they were being chased by something big and scary. I immediately back off my accelerator and started to hit the brakes a bit. The black car in front of me and a bit down the road does not even bother to slow down. I really thought that they were going to hit one of the poor doe’s and in fact they did or maybe she just hit there car with her head. She was slightly dazed but, able to run off. As I got closer to where they crossed the road I did slow down to make sure nothing else was coming down from this hill. The crazy thing about this whole incident is that it was the middle of the day. I am not used to seeing deer until either around sunset or if I happen to be up around sunrise.
We got a letter recently from ABCBS stating that they believe that our daughters information has been compromised. So fun. I did immediately sign her up for the id protection service for two years that ABCBS will be paying for and personally they should. I did try to go to the big threes websites to put a freeze and see about a fraud alert. This was pretty much a waste of time since my daughter is a minor I have to write a letter along with other documentation and send it in to them.
My daughter attended her second birthday party this past weekend. It was a pool party. She had a blast and I am really proud of her for getting back in the pool after she freaked out about being in the pool she does not know yet how to swim. We will be fixing that soon.
Been getting rid of more stuff. It has been liberating. I plan on having a certain box with DVDs that my husband said he wanted to go through but has yet to do of mine. I will do that next week when my daughter is off for spring break.


19 Mar

Yesterday was another LONG day with my daughter. She has been crying at every little thing especially if she does not get her way, I say no, or something else catastrophic happens. I was so exhausted from everything that I forgot it was St. Patty’s day and did not have my Irish brew to celebrate.

We have once again been going through the drama of trying to get her up in the mornings even though she is going to bed at a good time. Arrrggggghhhh.

Today I made my first batch of shampoo soap. I even had a bit left over that did not fit in the mold so I will now have a bit extra for free samples, give to friends and family or just use for myself. I did spill the essential oil on the counter…no worries I did clean up all my mess and even used vinegar to get rid of the smell. I forgot oops that I had put the soap in the basement to cure and so every time I open the door I smell the soap. I really thought I was going crazy there for a bit. Remember first batch of soap so really new to this smell of soap curing. I will post pictures of the soap once it is done curing. Not saying my soap smells bad it smells like almonds, just think almond cookies or an almond scone baking and you will understand the smell. It is very pleasant.

It has been so warm and sunny lately that it has been hard for me to actually sit inside and deal with email or my blog. Guess I have spring fever or something.

Take 2

11 Mar

Ok we are melting again and now having rain so once again trying to take a walk is so fun without sidewalks.

Weekend and other bits

10 Mar

Our weekend was quiet with improving weather and snow melting again.
We had our daughter with us for the weekend which was nice and a bit annoying since she cannot stop watching Star Wars Clone Wars. She absolutely loves it. We did play more Zombie Dice with the two expansions she got as a holiday gift.

I finally got to talk to a friend. I had called her twice before but, she was usually with family. I have bad timing so we actually got to talk this time. It was nice playing catch up.

I also cleared out a lot of mental clutter. I took all my previous hurts and anger toward various people and either did a person at a time or sometimes all together and I imagined putting the pieces of a mirror together and then I smashed those pieces with a very large hammer and then breathing out those pieces. It has helped a lot and I now feel lighter and freer. Or you can do whatever works for you. It is a good visualization exercise and a great way to get rid of a lot of junk. Think of it as spring cleaning for the soul.

During our extra bout of snow I made more brownies and another apple coffee cake.

This time I added left over vegan aka Dandies marshmallows and sort of made up the recipe.

I am almost ready to start crafting the things for my business. I just placed an order for a few more supplies and am hoping to get started by the end of this month. Hope it all goes well. Plus since my daughters spring break is coming up soon I am hoping to at least make something one day for 3 days out of her spring break (I have three different products I want to make) and spend the rest of the time doing fun stuff like taking her to the park, going to a movie (if I can find anything good on for her besides the sponge bob movie), and maybe visiting grandma too. I refuse to drag her in to spring cleaning our house while it is nice and sunny outside. I remember spending spring breaks stuck inside cleaning with my mom while it was nice outside and I really wanted to be outside. I refuse to be that kind of mom.

Does anyone have mother natures home address?

6 Mar

I really want to go toilet paper her house. Here is why


A little snow left over.

To rain and 60 degree weather so nice and then….

I feel as though spring went straight back into winter a la Monty Python style. I was really enjoying the 60 degree weather and liking the fact that there was no more snow and now this. Arrrrrgh! Of course according to the weather it might all be gone again early next week. Bizarre weather. Is anyone else out there sick of winter, cold, and snow? or is it just me? Anyone want to join me in moving somewhere tropical even if it is for just a little while?


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