Windows and kindness

26 Aug

Today I kissed and waved good bye to Windows OS so I no longer have windows on my new computer. However when you do change your OS it can be interesting and full of challenges. So it is still not working but, I am getting closer to having my own computer.

My daughter is still having issues at home and at school with “friends” not being very kind. I even decided to stick my nose in where it doesnt belong and even have called my daughter’s school to deal with a few issues there. It needs to be done. I know it is a double edged sword for kids. If you tell on someone you are seen and even labeled as a tattle taler. However, if you dont say something you are either a. left alone (usually doesn’t happen) or b. you are picked on even worse (which totally stinks aka sucks). I do want my daughter to stand up for herself however, I understand that it is very hard when you have very few options.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how to handle these situations? I am new to this but, not new to being bullied.

The new computer and other news

18 Aug

Well recently I got a new computer it was cheap less than $300. I was really wanting my own so that way I could download articles or other links from websites I frequent. Now I can almost do that. It comes with the latest version of windows and I am not a fan of windows. So it will have a version of Linux on it as I prefer something more simple without all the bells and whistles that come with windows. Yes I spent money I perhaps should not have but since the computer that died its horrible death I have been using my husbands chrome book and am not a fan of it because of google.
It was not meet well with the news that I had gotten a computer by my husband. Yes we fought. All is better now and in hindsight I would still do it again.
The other news is that there has been a lot of drama in my life. A friend/someone I know who has a daughter that my daughter plays with lost custody of her kids due to various things after fighting for joint custody and other mess going on. So my daughters friend is no longer going to the same school which has been difficult for her to come to terms with.
My mother in law who is the person normally getting clothes for our daughter or at least the main bulk will be losing her overtime and hence disposable income to get the clothes for our daughter. Of course this was brought up during our kerfafle between my husband and the computer. So I told him that she just would not have as much clothes (which I for one see as a good thing) and that I have no issues with her getting clothes from goodwill or other cheap places. I have no issues with it since she is growing so fast.
I do purchase clothes for our daughter I just dont go as overboard as my in law does.
I have been making plans to take my daughter to Paris in six years. This way we can both enjoy it more and I hope to have lots of $$$$ saved up for food, lodging, sight seeing and of course the plane tickets over seas.
So minus the computer this is the last hopefully big ticket item I will be buying for a very long while.

On a brighter note we now have two cars. This was not an easy decision for us because of the added expense but, with our daughter wanting to do after school activities, and needing to be picked up from school in cases of illness. It just seemed like the better thing to do. This way I now have a car for just those things and I can run any errands that need to be done/taken care of. Plus it is less stress on my husband in cases of illness not having to drive 30 + minutes to go pick up our daughter, bring her home, and then go back to work then come home. Less wear and tear on at least one vehicle.
My daughter is now enrolled in Tae Kwan Do so that should be interesting and exciting for her. I hope she likes it.


25 Jul

Ok maybe not panic but, it is about that dreaded and perhaps glorious time of year again. As summer winds down, the kids are about to go back to school, and the cries of “I’m Bored!” fade away to be a distant cry.

It is glorious because as soon as your child gets on the bus you the parent either go to work or you get to have that glorious free time to do what you want. Gone are the days were you have to watch animated (unless you want to) flicks, you can now watch something adult. You no longer have to hear whining while you are in the store because your child wants you to buy X. Utter bliss and calm are yours for at least a few hours until your child gets home from school where it perhaps will start again and if you are lucky it will not.

I have gotten all of my daughters school supplies all for about $20 not too bad. We recycled aka are reusing a few of her school supplies from last year and went to a dollar store aka big box store to get the rest of her supplies. Yes evil but, also very cheap too.

My mom told me that K-mart was having a sale on Hello Kitty stuff so I asked my mom to get our daughter a sheet set for her bed, a big girls towel and washcloth set, and a new backpack. My mom also asked me what our daughter needs for clothes and I told her a couple of pairs of jeans would be great. So she got her some along with a few long sleeved shirts. Yet another big box store but, also useful in getting a few things my daughter needs.

Earlier this week my daughter and I each made for free at the library a miniature fairy garden. It is super cute, and is like a terrarium but, with a slight touch of whimsy to it. Plus I love having plants. We went yesterday to Michaels because while we were making our fairy gardens a few folks brought in some super cute embellishments to add to their fairy gardens. So we decided to get a few for ours as well. My daughter got a chair, door, temple, and dog. I got a few mushrooms, frogs, and turtle we got all of the above for a little over $20 not too bad since my budget/all I was willing to spend was $20.

I also have a great idea that is cheap for folks for a holiday gift too. Love that!

Today I swear it was fairy revenge day lol. I set my alarm to wake me up only it did not go off and instead my husbands alarm went off super early. Only he never set his for Friday. Very weird.

Why we have wars?

8 Jul

Monday was a bad day for my daughter. First off she called a “friend” to see if she could play with them. This girl answers the phone by asking my daughter what she wants. No “Hi” no greeting of any kind. It goes on from there she then tells my daughter that she copied her in the park Last Tuesday by stating she wanted to join in gymnastics. She then tells my daughter that “She has no talent”. At that point I hung up the phone on her. She calls back and wants to talk to my daughter. I told her no that she could not talk to her (I was afraid that she would say even worse things to her) because what she said was very rude. I told her they could still be friends if she wanted but, that my daughter would not be talking anymore to her today.

Then later she decides to play with the girl next door who then decides that breaking my daughters chalk is a good idea and ok to do all because she is in a foul mood. Sorry folks when I am in a bad mood I do not take it out on Other Peoples STUFF.

So I told my daughter that she could not play with either of these “lovely” people for the rest of the week.

Now for my theory of why we have wars: Somewhere along the way we have forgotten how to be kind and nice to eachother. Instead rudeness, bullying, foul language and just the need or urge to say rude things to eachother. I do realize that this does not cover every war or every reason but, I really think that maybe going back to being nice and kind to each other is much better and a kinder way to deal with folks.

I realize that it is harder to be nice and kind. It takes more effort than just to pop off that rude gesture or comment. So the next time you accidentally cut someone off in traffic and they honk at you instead of saying something rude or the lovely hand gesture. Just realize that they had every right to give you that reminder of being safe and not hitting them. Or whatever the situation is just remember that kindness and being nice is a better way to handle something. Not saying it works for every situation because you may be within your rights to yell or get angry but, just try to be nice. Remember WORDS HAVE MORE POWER than fists or kicks because the bruises and cuts heal. The words stay with a person longer.

Sale, Sale, Sale

4 Jul

For those of us in the US it is not only the Fourth of July where our country celebrates its independence from the UK but, it is also a time where it seems that marketers are having sales in the hopes and attempt to get you to buy stuff you more than likely dont really need, want or even use. Whether it is a new car, bedroom furniture, or more clothes. I say celebrate it the best way you can by not doing any of the above. Celebrate with family, friends, or those that are most important to you whether it is having to go out and get a few necessities for that vegan barbecue then I say go for it.

As for my family we have not decided what we will do this holiday. My husband will probably help his parents re tile their bathroom and there is talk of watching the fire works display but, it does depend on the weather. We have been getting a lot of rain and really wish we could send it to the southwest and California at least. It has been so bad that I personally want to move out west just to see the sun again and to have some heat. It is summer after all. We will not be spending much money this forth of July weekend. We did go grocery shopping for the following week and got enough food to last until we go shopping again. I am planning on making red, white, and blue scones for breakfast. The red will be raspberries, the blue blueberries of course and the white will be just from the flour used. Not very original but, it is as good as I can make it.

This past month has been hard on the pocket. I have spent way more than I expected. Vacations tend to do that to me no matter how hard I try to not spend a lot of money. I also got a few things that I will use and will eventually use but, did not want to hit this particular store during the holidays so decided to stock up now. Plus my mom gave me some money for my birthday so decided to treat myself to an hour long massage. It was heaven and totally worth the expense. This month should be better.

In other great news we have been infested with or at least invaded by very large black ants. Not sure what has attracted them to our home but, really wish they would just get out they really seem to like me. I have been doing my best to scoop them up and take them back outside. The ladies have been polite and have not bitten anyone so that is a good thing. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get them out of our house I am all ears. Another interesting thing they seem to like the dark.

Long time coming

30 Jun

Our vacation was GREAT! It was fun to get away from most of my husbands things that are still cluttering up our lives. We went to a zoo and yes I know what most vegans say about zoos and how evil they are keeping animals confined in small places but, granted you cant give a Leopard a full jungle to roam around in this zoo did have at least in my opinion enough room for most of its animals and since most people cant travel to the jungle, Arctic, or oceans to see all the wonderful creatures in all of the corners of the world. I think a zoo is a good place to see a lot of these creatures that share our planet with us. It was a good education for my daughter. The zoo also had an aquarium and I took lots of pictures. Maybe folks can help me with this one because there was no plaque for what these sea creatures are. They look like a snake and pop out of the sand but, they never attacked these fish for food. If anyone has any ideas and yes I have looked online but, no luck so far. If you know what I am talking about please let me know. Thanks.

We also went to a museum that is mainly a natural history with emphasis on railroad cars. This one did have an Egyptian exhibit which I personally loved. Then we relaxed for two days and went swimming at the YMCA. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately both my daughter and I got sick with some sort of virus when we finally made it back home and that we unfortunately passed on to my dad.

I do know one thing for sure I will never again fly with UNITED. It was awful. As we were leaving we were delayed for an hour due to weather. So I had to get another flight home then that kept getting pushed back and was afraid that we would not make it home and did not relish paying $350 for a hotel and getting a “voucher”. I do hope that next time we travel that it will be nonstop and not with UNITED.

Since then I have been trying to catch up online since I took an extra week off. Plus just not relishing doing my “usual” routine so decided to change it up.

400 and vacation

2 Jun

It is JUNE! Holy cow! I cant believe that the time seems to have flown by and crawled at the same time. My daughters first year of school is almost over and I am very glad to have a brake from all the drama and getting up before dawn for a non morning person this has been tough. It will be nice to have a chance to sleep in at least for a little while before it starts again. For now I will enjoy the time.

On a bit of a sad note my sister in law has now moved to Texas (yes where they are flooding and getting more rain than they can handle). While I am extremely proud of her for this decision to continue her education she will be missed by her family.

A few links to pass on to folks in regards to the 400 here is the link

This one is for all of you coffee drinkers who actually think you are getting Venezuelan coffee

I am looking forward to our vacation. It will be fun and full of adventure. I am with the exception of going to a paid place trying for more free stuff. I enjoy not paying for entrance fees while on vacation. We will once again be couch surfing at my dads so that is not a problem plus we will be able to cook at his place instead of eating out so much. I hope to go shopping at a local co-op once we get there for supplies.

Ciao for now and will let you know more about our adventures once we get back for now enjoy the weeks and silence from this site.


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