Earth Day

23 Apr

Today aka yesterday according to wordpress is Earth Day.  Today I encourage you to do something nice for the Earth whether it is planting a plant or tree or signing a petition that has an environmental theme to it.  Whatever you do get outside and enjoy the day fly a kite, take a walk, go to a park, or have a picnic.  

Some random Earth friendly tips that help you to be kind to our one and Only planet that we all call home in no particular order

  • Wash your clothes in cold water 

  • Use a line dryer to dry your clothes

  • If in the market for a new tech gadget or appliance choose an energy star

  • Walk, bicycle,  or ride the bus to work or school

  • Eat less meat

  • Grow something 

  • Consume less 


There are probably others that I am not thinking of but, add your own as you think of them.  

Have fun today!

Panic and MIA

22 Apr

Late last night I panicked over a missing shirt it is one of my favorite shirts.  I had slowly been making the transition of winter clothes to spring/summer clothes and could not find my beloved black shirt that I knew I had worn last week.  I searched my closet thinking it might have fallen off the hanger as I was moving my clothes around.  No luck.  Then I checked my laundry bag not there either.  Then I checked my drying rack downstairs thinking I might have left it on there after washing it because it was not quite dry.  Not there either.  Then the sudden realization that I might have gotten rid of it to Goodwill even though I made sure that the other black shirt I was getting rid of was the one I wanted to get rid of.  Ut oh, where on earth could it be?  Then I just decided that I needed sleep more than panicking over a shirt and if it really was at Goodwill well, obviously someone else needs the shirt more than I do. Plus I can always try and order another one.  

 This morning I once again checked my black laundry bag and guess what I found.  It  must have either blended in even though I swear I pulled everything out last night and did not see it.  Ah, well I feel silly panicking over it and being angry with myself for nothing but, at least I knew it was missing and that I really did not loose it.  

I knew it was missing because I was trying to find this particular shirt to wear for Monday.  Thanks to downsizing my wardrobe a lot and not having so many pieces.  Plus my closet is no longer stuffed to the gills with clothes.  It takes a lot less time to get ready in the mornings and you know right away when your favorite shirt is now missing. 

Spring cleaning

18 Apr

Today I got to take my daughter to my moms house for a few hours so I get a break, although this week has not been too bad. 

I also got rid of about 4 items.  2 purses, a shirt and the hanger that goes with it. Not too bad still trying to weed out my closet but, getting there is a constant battle and is slow going.  I still feel that I have too many purses and too many clothes but, simplifying is a journey and a process.  I highly doubt I will ever end up with less than 100 things or whatever number folks feel good about owning.  I am much better off than I used to be with far too many clothes and purses.  Now it seems almost just right.  

With Easter around the corner remember to not give pets as gifts during the holidays.  It may seem like a good/great idea but once the pet loses its cuteness and becomes an adult from a baby or youngster a lot tend to loose their appeal and end up in shelters because it is a bigger responsibility and expense than most folks think it will be.  

If your child or you want a pet that is Easter themed remember to do a bit of research to find out what your pet may need for food and other care and wait until after Easter is over to decide for everyones sake.  

What to do

17 Apr

What do you do when it seems the world is crashing down around you?  You have bills due or past due, taxes needing to be filed, your car, washing machine or other major appliance just broke down, you child is not doing well in school or your child is not respecting your no to the request to go outside in 40 degree weather with shorts on and sandals.  Everything that can go wrong goes wrong.  WHATEVER You do DO NOT ask the universe or God(s) or Goddesses to bring it on.  I did that and have honestly never had such bad luck/karma before in my life.  So what do you do?  Do you rant and rave about how unfair it all is, curse, cry, and scream.  Ok yeah maybe you do initially.  

 Remember to just breathe and take it one step at a time.  If all else fails take a break for a few minutes or even an hour whatever you can spare and dont think about all the stuff going wrong.  Think about what is going right from the fresh air, the sun on your face, the fact that you had a good/great cup of coffee to drink this afternoon or this morning.  The fact that you have the ability to walk and move your legs and are in decent enough shape and health. Remember to smile even give yourself a smile in the mirror.  Yeah it might sound a little  hooky but, it might just help to lift your mood.  If you can have a tickle fight with your child when you can again a great mood booster.  Then once you have thought about all the stuff even if it is the tiniest thing you can think of that is going right in your day or life at the moment.  It is hard to find something good within all the chaos that is currently your life but, with time and patience it will get better. 

Go back to the harder stuff one thing at a time.  Pay what bills you can with what you can and then see about getting whatever you need fixed, fixed. 

To give you an example of a bad run of luck or karma I will tell you briefly what happened to me more than 10 + years ago.  I was in a marriage that was failing despite my best efforts, we got divorced, and then the car I had was breaking down every month for 6 months straight all while trying to mend a broken heart and stop feeling like a failure, lets not forget the joy of the holidays in this mix too when everyone else is feeling great you feel your worst. It really sucked. Now years later I am married again (never thought that would happen), have a 5 year old who I am very proud of even if I do want to rip my hair out from time to time, and will soon be celebrating our 7 year anniversary.  I am almost debt free after swimming in debt before.  I am not saying it is all roses and sunshine daily.  It took a lot of work to get to this point of feeling happy with life and most importantly with myself.

I hope this helps you when life is kicking you repeatedly in the backside.  Just knowing someone was there and feels your pain helps.  

One last thing call a friend or your spouse and just let it all out.  That helps sometimes too.   


16 Apr

Ahhh today is the day unless you have managed to do your taxes early or efile your taxes.  For the rest of the US it is a day of stress as you franticly get your taxes done and in the mail.  We of course got our taxes done this past weekend.   

 What about you?  Did you wait until the last minute or did you file early?  



15 Apr

I have a great video link for folks to enjoy and think about  It is very fascinating and interesting. I totally agree with having experiences more than stuff.  It is very interesting but, long so be prepared to sit still for awhile.  

I actually came across this via this site  

This has helped me with dealing with my CDs that I was struggling with.  I have decided to keep a few of my favorite artists/bands.  These include in no particular order Metallica(yes I am still a metal head), Megadeth, Enya, Moody Blues, Tina Turner, and Type O Negative.  I realize that my tastes in music are really diverse and different but, these I think will be the ones to hang on to and to enjoy later maybe not when I turn into an old fuddy duddy but, at least I will have a few I can and will enjoy until then along with some for later in life.  

I hope this helps folks with their issue of whatever it is you are hanging on to. If all else fails take the suggestion from the stuffocation video and put it in a bag for 30 days if you dont get anything out for 30 days then get rid of it.  



10 Apr

Well I have not only been having issues with my daughter, I have also been “spring” cleaning my house a bit here and there and I have also been trying to get rid of a lot of my CDs.  I have 2 small boxes filled with CDs and I gotta say that even though I hardly ever listen to them anymore I am still not wanting to get rid of a lot of them. It really stinks.  I will give it a few days and hopefully by next week have another mostly full box going out the door of my CDs.  I have no idea why it is so hard for me to toss most of the lot in a box and be done with it. Maybe my best bet would be to just grab the box of CDs not even go through them and just take them to be sold. I might try that strategy next week.  I mean after all I have not missed them in all this time of not listening to them about 4 years or so give or take.  

I did want to share a link with folks…  It is a great post and I wanted to share it with folks.  


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